Hot Dude Of The Day: Jared Leto's Very 'Dragon Ball Z'

Vegeta (we think), Jared is beginning to go super Saiyan at a signing in France.
Photo:, Getty Images

OK, nerds. Reeeeeelax, because I'll admit it right now. I don't actually know that much about Dragon Ball. Luckily, my amazing friend/only-girl-I-have-ever-known-to-work-in-a-comic-book-store Jessie broke it down for me: "OK, basically the series is about that guy Goku who has really intense Guido hair. He goes on a quest with his best friend to look for seven Dragon Balls...." aaaand that's about when I got bored and left to write this post but ANYBALLS-Z, the most important part is the hair. The hair, the hair, the hair!!! WHAT is this obsession with cartoons always stunting in spiky hair (Bart Simpson, Sonic the Hedgehog)? Man, these illustrators are havin' a GRAND OLD TIME giving us mere humans nonrealistic hair expectations. But if there's one man, one mortal (allegedly) who defies all forms of hair gravity and gives all those imagineers a run for their money, it's Jared Leto.

Perhaps you've heard of Mr. Leto. He's, oh you know, just a GIANT FASHION ICON here at MTV Style. Oh, and he also fronts the band 30 Seconds to Mars. (Haaaaaay, Echelon!) He was spotted at a CD signing yesterday in Paris, and I couldn't help but notice that it looks like he's calmly stuck in the most intense wind tunnel of all time.

I don't know what kind of gel/blow-dryer/pomade/albumin combination he uses to get his strands to stand at such glorious attention, but LOOK HOW MUCH HE LOOKS LIKE ANIME, GUYS. The flower bulb hair silhouette is SO dead-on, andandand he even has that little whipped peak at the top!!! I love that his wild hair matches his even wilder studded denim moto jacket, loose white tee and aviator glasses. Although, between these two boys, I think Jared wins this fashion face-off because 1.) He's not completely fictitious. 2.) His outfit is a bajillion times more stylish (and way less bug thorax-y). 3.) His hairline isn't receding NEARLY as badly. Sigh. So good.