We'd Just Like You To Know: Lady Gaga Is Wearing A Dress With Her Face On It

Gaga goes gaga for Gaga
Photo: Getty Images

OK, Lady Gaga, we know you are the "master of fame" and everything, which is a lovely and intellectual approach to the undisputed fact that you can't pee without the paparazzi making a spectacle out of it (Side note: Do you think Gaga uses a regular toilet, or some sort of future toilet that both celebrates and recontextualizes the nature of using the bathroom?), but girl is wearing a dress with her face on it. It's all good to represent your own brand, and we loved when Rihanna wore her own Rihanna hoodie because, well, sure.

But if we may, and no disrespect to you Gags because you're the best at being watched out there right now, but if you're self-reflexively commenting on the commerce of image, then maaaaaaaaybe while you're at it comment on the long tail of your fame by wearing Gaga wearing Gaga wearing Gaga wearing Gaga wearing Gaga ad infinitum until we're celebrating your meta-nesting-doll-reflected-self more than the original (the seventh one in is the TRUE STAR!) because that would be hilarious. Also, maybe the end of civilization.