Chloë Sevigny's New Opening Ceremony Collection!

Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Resort Collection 2011.
Photo: Adam Schneider

Once upon a time, I saw the Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen Platform Clog Booties in Natural (say that three times fast, if you will), my heart cracked open and my love for insanely treacherous shoes that put my small frame on stilts gushed out, all over the internet. Like Wayne's World, I uttered, "They will be mine. Oh yes." And with some minor lifestyle adjustments (HA HA! NO LUNCH!) I obtained my very own pair, and I am happy to say we are in love.

So when Chloë Sevigny invited me (YES ME!) to her very first Resort collection fashion show via anonymous form e-mail, I had to attend. Sevigny not only has the indie actress game on lock, but she's also the de facto paean of downtown style. She brought back the '90s before they even left. She rocked vintage when the rest of the red carpet was stumbling over the Italians. But with a forth season under her belt with OC (whose other collabs have included Rodarte and Pendleton), there is no more argument—she is now a real-deal designer. So we took a peek at her newest line and chatted with her about the cult of Chloë, and guess what? WE HAVE THE WORST NEWS: The shoes are bonkers. BONKERS. Just when I thought my heart was filled and I wouldn't want any more material goods, a pair of laser-cut leather wedges with a hidden heel traipsed down the runway and I suddenly felt bereft.

Chloë Sevigny taking her final bow.
Photo: Adam Schneider

In fact, most of Chloë's offerings are pretty captivating. She hearkened back to her early '90s NYC roots with bright red sneaks from Vision Streetwear, and her own platform slip-ons that were rather exciting. For dresses, she got laser-happy, filigree-ing patterns onto leather and cotton, adding intricate details to skirts, shoulders, and bodices. The only resort items she presented were bright bustiers, which looked killer atop fishtail skirts and wool minis with voluminous bustles. But I had to find her and tell her about my hunt, my love affair, and the shoes that made my soul sing with the voice of a thousand angels.

MTV Style: Everything is so early '90s, but early '90s in the cool kids who are hanging out at the indoor skate park in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. However, YOUR SHOES. Tell me why I love them so.

Chloë: I think that the ones that we are both wearing are really comfortable and they give you a lot of height. Girls love them. We work with a great team.

MTV Style: The delicate pearl sandals are remarkable. What inspired them?

Chloë: (And the new) pearl (detail) is something I saw on a shoe years ago and I wanted to do an updated "belle du jour" that could be worn punky or alternative or elegantly. I just want them to be versatile. I was thinking about the early '90s Helmut Lang.

MTV Style: Your sneakers are just as memorable. They are totally funky and retro but also a little classy with the height you added. What made you go for them after, you know…

Chloë: After so many big platforms? I guess to do something different. We were working with Vision on their sneakers and I said, 'Why don't we make our own platform that is kind of a more modern version?' Most of the sneakers were Vision reissue.

Then I smelled her hair and touched her soft leather dress she debuted. Just kidding. But I thought about it.