Guess Who Is Wearing These Bejeweled Slippers!

Who could it be?!
Photo: Getty Images

So we were perusing Getty Images per ushe, and we stumbled upon this image of SUPER AMAZING BEDAZZLED VELVET SLIPPERS. We're all like, "WHOAA. They are velvet-y and sparkly and OMG WE WANT THESE!" But we thiiiinkkk you'll be surprised to see who was sporting these bad boys in New York yesterday... Can you guess who it is?!

It's Kanye West!!!

Kanye West at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York on June 6.
Photo: Getty Images

DID YOU GET IT RIGHT?! No? Aw, don't feel bad. We quizzed our coworkers, and even THEY were completely baffled by these bejeweled beauts. We think his supertight skinnies paired with his sockless flats gave off a girly vibe, but we're not mad at it! I mean, he DOES love womenswear. We're into his whole white blazer and jeans ensemble together (um, and is that a snakeskin baseball cap?! NICE.), though the ruching on the jeans may be a little much for us. Also, it's not the first time 'Ye has been spotted in slippers—he has a shoe deal with Stubbs & Wootton, the, ahem, "Purveyors of Fine Footwear." He designed his own loafer collection for the brand for Spring 2011 so plan on seeing a lottttt more of Mr. West sporting uh-mazing loafers around town. (We just stopped ourselves from suggesting he'll be loafing about. Thank us later.)