Movie Awards 2011: Best Red Carpet Beauty Trends

Katie Cassidy, Selena Gomez, and Leighton Meester at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, California on June 5, 2011.
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Unofficial announcement made on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards last night: the summer of femme has begun. Sure, we've spotted some pretty graphic pops of color recently, but leaving your vampy red lipstick and black liquid liner in March gives way to a clean, fresh vibe that is ready to pull up a beach towel, slather on some sunblock, and seriously apply some (waterproof) mascara.

Sea-salt-kissed hair stormed the carpet, and while Blake Lively and Mila Kunis opted for sleek and straight, the majority of the ladies opted for texture, waves, and very loose and effortless curls. With a rich, summery blonde, Katie Cassidy reminds us that "day after" hair is always better, especially with those just-right roots peaking out. While she has a healthy glow and a bit of gold shadow to warm her up, she let's her eyes peak out and draw us in, choosing a nice nude lip. White dress, blonde hair, pale lipstick could be a wash out, but the hair is textured and a healthy dose of mascara keep us captivated in the eye region.

Taking a very similar approach is one of our favorite looks of the night—the perfectly assembled Selena Gomez, who used the wavy hair/statement eyes combo, but whose dark color adds a bit o'drama. Yet the girl whose coif we must covet this summer is our very own Leighton Meester, who rocks the ombre trend with her thick-as-a-rope locks which have more volume than control. With a healthy dose of blush and simple lined eyes, she lets her lips go low-key—which leaves the realm of flirty and goes full throttle into the delightfully coy. (To add this sort of rough texture to your hair, using a sea salt spray-in after your hair is styled does the trick.)

Bryce Dallas Howard and Lily Collins at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, California on June 5, 2011.
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We could go for the layup and mention that Bryce Dallas Howard's pregnancy has given her a natural glow, and sure, that might be true, but her complexion has always been peaches and cream. The red hair has always been her thing (except when Kirsten went red and Bryce went blonde for Spiderman...), and because it is so striking, she lets it fall loosely around her shoulders and relies on her GORGEOUS green eyes. She may not even be wearing lipstick; all BDH requires is a light gloss. But the girl who did au natural with such joie de vivre is newcomer Lily Collins. Her eyebrows deserve a golden popcorn just for existing (Like Hailee's too!), but instead of doing an ornate updo, she just lets loose and allows her rich tendrils to shine. Just a little liner and a nude lip, and she bypasses the inner-outer eyeliner overdose that simply won't die. Once again the nude lip and flowing hair keeps us focused in all the lovely places.


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