Movie Awards 2011: Emma Stone Struts In Orange Bottega Veneta

Emma Stone arrives to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Gosh, look at Emma Stone. Head to toe. Head to toe. She is a lovely burst of citrus, rounded out by her gorgeous, newly red hair (who but she pulls off cheerful, all-American gingerhood with such aplomb?). Here's a quick rule for all to follow: When in doubt, pair black with a blast of fresh color. Not suggesting that Emma is ever in doubt per se, but she made sure to knock her look right out of the theater (and into the MTV Best Dressed Annals) with a Bottega Veneta layered frock. Layer one: lacy, mysterious goodness with a floral pattern and black, pleated goodness with a cinched bow at the waist as a bit of a treat. Layer two: orange creamsicle-colored bodysuit with just the right amount of color peeking out as a little fruit-flavored surprise. And to keep the color quotient up, girl brought out all the right accessories, including our award for best nails.

Let us be the first to say that, in honor of the free-spirited vibe of the MTV Movie Awards, Ms. Stone came fully correct with tasteful, lovely orange nails. Verging on a burnt color, her mani complemented her Bottega clutch perfectly (Remind us: Tonight was a clutch-filled night. We'll come back to that later). She rocked the Italian label head-to-toe (except for her amber, satin-look Casadei pumps, which kept up the burnished-theme but without banging us over the head with it), which makes us wonder if there is some sort of spokesmodel deal in the works. (WE ARE JUST WONDERING. JEEZ. This is how rumors get started.) However, the star, who is beginning to develop a real reputation as a funny star with serious acting chops would be a perfect match for the forward-thinking brand.

So Emma, we have to be honest: You are on fire. Also, congrats on returning to your red-headed roots. You did it first, and maybe best. (Don't tell Blake that, okay?)

Emma Stone arrives to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, shows off her killer manicure.
Photo: Getty Images


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