Movie Awards 2011: Kristen Stewart's Safety Pin Balmain Dress

Kristen Stewart keeps it together with safety pins at the MTV Movie Awards
Photo: Getty Images

Does Kristen Stewart make every, single, isolated styling decision on her own? Probably not. What megastar does? But does she ALWAYS stick to her aesthetic guns? Heck yes. The girl is the business when it comes to complementing hard edges with sophisticated silhouettes and she isn't afraid to let the clamoring Twi-hards and the paparazzi know it. Check out her 2009 Movie Awards look: the gal walked the red carpet in Chucks, a extended finger to the world of towering pumps and heels. She's grown a bit since then (as indicated by her/our obsession with Proenza Schouler) and she's even known to be shod in the occasional Christian Louboutin, a trade we completely support. (Hey, we don't mind flats, and we like the no-nonsense look of the black, executive-type heel she is working tonight.) And then, guys, there's the matter of her dress. The dress.

We discovered through masterful sleuthing and MAGIC that Kristen's red tube top leather dress was not an actual part of the Spring/Summer 2011 Balmain collection by the French design house. Originally presented as a jacket, the patchworked, sewn-together, modified frock has scads of detailing going on: sequins, grommets, and safety pins. But with her tousled hair and clean black shoes, K. Stew actually pulls it off by keeping everything else simple.

So, Kristen, you've done it. Nailed it... So to speak. From 2009 to today, you've evolved beautifully while remaining steadfastly, unflappably you. You still keep it red, and spiky, and totally real. And for more of Kristen's ensembles, look no further than, well, RIGHT HERE.

Kristen Stewart, Balmain Spring/Summer 2011 Runway
Photo: Getty Images


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