Shoe Update: Geri Halliwell, Miranda Kerr, And Lisa Snowdon

Geri Halliwell at the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Monaco on May 29, Miranda Kerr at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, on June 1, and Lisa Snowdon leaving May Fair Hotel in London on May 31.
Photo: Getty Images

I'd really like to know who anointed themselves the fashion alpha omega back in the day and descended upon the proletariat with a placard of ironclad tenets, shouting from a mountain top "THOU SHALT NOT WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY." I'd hop in a time machine, look her square in the face, and supply a swift kick in the lady-groin—WHILE wearing clashing black and brown AND navy just for that extra dose of "suck it." But seriously, guys, some of these "rules" are so ancient and wholly irrelevant, and if followed, things would just be so *zzzzzzzzz*. Thank GOODNESS the ballsy ladies of the world love to break them. Like the oh-so spicy Geri Halliwell, an always well-heeled Miranda Kerr, and Brit-babe Lisa Snowdon! Someone once said, "Never wear suede shoes in summer," but these lovely ladies don't feel the need to heed and it is WERKIN'!

On Sunday, Geri Halliwell wore an emerald green romper (her own design!) with a pair of magenta strappy platform pumps designed by Next to the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. If her shoes had been patent, the look would have been too "night" for the daytime event. On the other hand, had they been canvas, they would have clashed with the brushed silk of her outfit. The line she walked was a narrow one, but we think the gamble paid off.

Miranda Kerr wore a pair of gray tied suede heels with tiny, almost filigree cutout details, which perfectly complemented the silver, tiered dress she wore to a press conference in Seoul, South Korea. And suede even works in the wild (you know, when you have down time between all the fancy shindigs you're flitting to and from), as evidenced by British model Lisa Snowdon. She paired a cobalt three-quarter sleeve lace dress with loose-fitting black suede peep-toe booties for an effortlessly edgy look. Consider the rules rewritten, guys. You are welcome.


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