Movie Awards 2011: For Beauty, We Predict Bright Eyes And Neon Lips Will Rule The Night

Ginnifer Goodwin goes pale with her pixie cut at the Met Gala, Kelly Rowland has purple peepers at the Billboard Awards, Katy Perry stays bright on the Grammy red carpets.
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We'd like to think the Movie Awards are thee premiere red carpet event of the summer, and it's especially excellent to see stars getting their laid-back game on right in the L.A. heat. The guys and the gals both get a little more funky on our red carpet, and after perusing the awards show trends of the last few months, we have some Technicolored predictions to make about the beauty vibe at the Gibson Amphitheatre. When competing with idols such as Kristen and James or Selena and Justin, one must come most correctly: So from poppy pastel eyes and lips that can be seen for miles, we've got our beauty trend picks laid out for Sunday night.

When Ginnifer Goodwin showed up to the MET Gala to honor Alexander McQueen, we held the damn phone. The emerald Topshop Unique gown, plunging neckline, and edgy hair were enough to stop a show, but then Ginn kicked it up a notch by coordinating her eye shadow to her necklace. By concentrating most of the hue in the center of her eyes, she looked bright and alert, but still funky and Brooklyn-esque. The whole look was so fresh that the Something Borrowed star quietly stole the show from much more established "style stars," providing a clean alternative to vampy, unsummer cat-eyeliner (and keeping her lips nude and manageable). Kelly Rowland matched her complexion at the Billboards with purple as well, which offered a subtle complement to her power-lips (another trend, see below). We love how it makes her eyes actually pop—but stops miles before she heads into overly-done-up territory.

Last, Katy Perry's makeup game is some of the best in town, and the singer's lip gloss is always poppin' and nails are totally fresh. But let's take a look-see at the killer eye shadow she rocked at the Grammys this year: She combined Ginn's green with Kelly's purple to do a two-toned version that is so on point that we are going to cop some pastel powder as soon as we can. The light green opens up her eyes, but the purple adds just a touch of edge: She looks bright, beautiful, and unique, demonstrating that your beauty routine can be just as much of a head-turner as any shoe or gown.

Emma Stone goes red at the Met Gala, Nikki Minaj makes us crave cotton candy during the Billboard Awards, Kerry Washington thrills at the Met Gala.
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Let's get it out of the way. This may be a DOY moment, but Emma Stone is on fire. The new redhead has actually a pitch-perfect red carpet aesthetic, and she just sets off her pale skin with this opaque rosy hue that was probably all over her teeth by the night's end but seems fairly flawless here. Those bedroom eyes. The porcelain skin. The immaculate lip game. This isn't style or fashion, guys: It is glamor. Pure and true. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Nicki Minaj who isn't going for subtle or even classic, but just wants to show you how pink her Pink Fridays are. Not a day look for sure, but we always love the risks the rapper is willing to take.

And if all cheekbones were created equal, we might not flip out over Kerry Washington's dramatic solid rose lip color... but they aren't, and the way her pout/bone structure works in her teal Met McQueen cutout demonstrates that pink can be every bit as powerful as the executive (and slightly overplayed) red.

+ To see if our predictions are correct, tune in HERE for our MTV Movie Awards live blog (starting at 6:30 p.m. ET) as we scan star style for summer beauty trends done right.


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