Hot Dude Of The Day: 'X-Men' Star Álex González Needs To Be Put On A Romance Novel Cover A.S.A.P.

Álex González promoting 'X-Men: First Class' in London on May 23.
Photo: Getty Images

The long, flowing hair tendrils. His clean-shaven chiseled face. Perfectly plucked eyebrows. The glistening sheen reflecting from his black hair. Even his crisp, slightly unbuttoned white shirt. EVERYTHING about Álex González screams "PUT ME ON A ROMANCE NOVEL COVER!!!" Seriously look. It's UNCANNY, people! (Well, you know, minus the butt chin dimple thing.) And we don't usually even LIKE these super-exfoliated, pore-free dudes. But LOOK AT THAT CLOSE-UP. We didn't even Photoshop him (OK, maybe we tweaked the brightness/contrast a little blahblahblah, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). And just when we were getting lost in his golden brown eyes, we stumbled upon this video.

Some how Álex ended up at an interview with an, um, interesting website called HeyUGuys. We were skeptical, but then he started talking and AWWWWW. He's all Spanish and has a cute accent and he's stumbling over his sentences when he talks about starring in his first HUGE Hollywood film X-Men: First Class (maybe you've heard of it?). Then he goes on to talk about how he wishes he could better express his feelings in the English language and then his shirt slowly unbuttons and then a rose magically appears in his hand and he gets down on one knee and begs us to marry him VIA THE INTERNET and *BOOM* our brain explodes. While that last part doesn't happen, WHAT is it about those Latino men? MMMMM. It's like they always care about you and they're soft spoken and romantic. We're always asking our boyfriends, "DO YOU LIKE ME? HEY. DO YOU LIKE ME?" whereas Álex would probably tell us we were beautiful in rose petals strewn about his marble balcony even when we KNOW we look fat and bloated and we'd be like, "Whoa, OK. I know you think I'm babely, papi. We're cool. We're cool."