Let's Discuss: Totally Reversible Jeans Taking So Long To Get Here

Bleulab Reversible Coated Curve Legging in Azurite Cayman Blue.
Photo: Courtesy of Singer22

Leaping lizards, ladies. Is it just me or are you kind of mad that this hasn't existed before? Ahahahahaha. What INGRATES we all are if that's the case! JKJKJKJK, we're the best. Get on in here for a hug. But seriously, of all the technological innovations that have improved our quality of life (and dwindled our capacity for empathy and patience for real human interaction) isn't it sort of shocking that we've only JUST been blessed with these reversible jeans? Courtesy of Bleulab, a denim studio based out of L.A., and featuring a number of fits and washes, these twofer slacks go for about $163-$207 at Singer22.com. Plus, they make 'em in JORTS!

The original conceit is that in 2009 the founder, Carl Jones, wanted a pair of jeans that would transition seamlessly from day to night. Ergo, he sourced some superthin, spandexified denim that featured a worn-in, patina-y gray rinse on one side with some slick, often slightly shiny, dark wash that was more club appropriate on the other. The truly genius bit is that there isn't that freakshow no-crotch/Ken-doll bump situation going on at the zipper. They feature front pockets, belt loops, and regular closures. They absolutely look like regular jeans on both sides. And they don't even have to go the route of no back pockets, which as we all know from life experience and logic is the UGLIEST thing you can do to your ass in any binding trouser. Seriously, even those high-waisted bell bottoms with elongated yokes in the back give wack butt. Do not go there. It's gross... (despite my owning a pair that cost WAY too much for me to throw away even if I absolutely should. GAWD. Denim mistakes are the worst).

Now, all we need is to KEEP adding to the repertoire of things that need to DO MORE. Clothes and accessories that work HARDER! *whip crack* I want reversible bodycon dresses. And reversible bras complete with underwire. Reversible midi skirts with buttons down the front. OOOoooOoOoOoooh reversible SHOES. Like, open toe, mule wedge with a wooden heel and a thick strap in the back. Or no strap at all, say like those Camilla Skovgaard wedges that could have a covered heel on one side and an EXPOSED heel on the other. DIEDIEDIE. I want reversible umbrellas (GET IT INVENTORS!) and reversible watches (it can be totally see-through chrono on the other side). I want it all. Give it to me and nobody gets hurt.

Bleulab Reversible Curve Legging in Azurite.
Photo: Courtesy of Singer22

{via WWD}