Cover Girl: Beyoncé Looks Sublime On 'Essence'

Dudes. What IS it about Beyoncé that speaks to such unfettered, crazy-mad, JOY? Look at her. From her PERFECT hair (is it in a bee hive? Or just poufed out? Either way, GORGE) and nails and skin and prettily crocheted top to the dainty necklace and the FEROCIA ring and her impeccably arched eyebrows... she looks absurdly serene. What's her secret? Well, in this month's cover story of Essence entitled "Eat, Pray, Love" (an article that she herself wrote by the way), she reveals that there's nothing like a 9-month vacation to inject a massive dose of happiness back into a lady's life:

"I had talked about taking a vacation before, but always ended up in the studio after two weeks, so no one believed me..." she begins...

"This time, though, I was serious. I was going to give myself a year to do the things I never get to do. Simple things like play with my nephew, pick him up from school, visit museums, go to concerts, see some Broadway shows, learn to cook a meal and spend time with my husband... Yes, I needed some relaxation, but I wanted inspiration too, from regular everyday things. They did not have to be over-the-top productions. I was looking for tiny moments that would speak to my heart and make me smile..."

Sorta explains why we were SO starved for Bey appearances since for the better part of a human gestation period, we only peeped Ms. B smiling beatifically wearing Marc Jacobs in front of Parisian boutiques, supine on yachts (that we needed paparazzi telephoto lenses to see her for) and at basketball games. And it's also why we can't wait for her fourth album, appropriately entitled "4", that's slated for a June 28 release. Squeeeeeeee. {via Essence}