Movie Awards: Christian Siriano To Host's Red Carpet Report

Christian Siriano at the debut of Karl Lagerfeld & Rachel Bilson's original film series inspired by Magnum Ice Cream in New York City on April 21.

Photo: Getty Images

Guys, guess what? Ahahaha. Actually, you can probably guess exactly what from the title of this post, BUT we're very excited to announce that Christian Siriano will be joining us again this weekend to host the 2011 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Report. As you've seen from previous years, Christian's fabulous fashion expertise and sparkly wit are sure to make the evening's glorious gowns and gorgeous suits all the more memorable. Plus, he's just as PSYCHED as we are about his return:

"I’m excited to be back on the red carpet for MTV," says the now 25-year-old Siriano. "It’s always a lot of fun and it is nice to take a break from the designing process and see fashion up close as it's happening. I love that MTV celebrates and supports creativity and artists in all forms."

We do indeed and also, we are DYING to see how fancy and turned-out his mic accessory game will be. The fierceness will assuredly be on full blast, and while the bespectacled, angular-haired designer needs no introduction on this site, we'd love to turn your attention to what he's been up to since the Movie Awards last year. When he wasn't dressing Nicki Minaj for her SNL appearances in the most ethereal confections ever (think layers upon layers of delicate blush, silken, curl-edged leaves for a skirt), he was bowling us over with his impeccable murse (man-purse) game as well as causing a ruckus (albeit a well-behaved fashion ruckus) with his exquisitely platformed, teetering heel collection this past February.

But all told, it's unforgettable moments like these that we can't wait to catch this year!

+ Watch Christian Siriano's 2010 MTV Movie Awards interview with Katy Perry below!

+ Aaaand, be sure to catch the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and check back in at MTV Style for the full Red Carpet Report!


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