Cover Girl: Zoe Kravitz on 'ASOS'

I know the obvious thing to discuss is how U.K. online clothier ASOS has an entire magazine that looks smashing and is satisfying since you know ALL the fash credits for everything already (artists' own notwithstanding of course) or how cover girl Zoe Kravitz has just lopped her hair off into a positively DARLING bob, but I'd like to open with something else:

I just saw X-Men: First Class last night, and it was SO AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN DEAL.

Zoe does absolutely look ravishing in it as mutant Angel Salvadore, but it's all the GORGEOUS suits that slayed me dead. James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender. That one AMAZINGLY hot dude who plays Riptide (seriously so hot it makes NO sense), they're all wearing three-piece suits and learning about their powers and feeling emotions and communicating with each other. Made me crazy. Also, FUN FACT (like, the sort that makes you want to curl up into a dried-up ball of spinster toenails/longing and DIE)? Michael Fassbender is Zoe's IRL boyfriend. Here is a picture of him. You are welcome. Join me on the envy floor. ANYWAY, onto ASOS.

The spread and cover is shot by the incomparable Danielle Levitt whose name is synonymous with "pictures of reeeeeeally cute, effortlessly cool, hipster girls" and styled by ASOS fashion editor Zeba Lowe, a dream team considering what we already know about Zoe's eclectic aesthetic, but it's the gems within the interview itself that make you desperate to join her crew, a flock that includes Alexander Wang and members of her band Elevator Fight. Oh, and the entire cast of X-Men, too. NBD. Seriously, check this out:

"I feel like sometimes if you do a film with 'movie stars' there's all this drama and superiority, but X-Men was not like that at all... We were living in London for four months, and it was like X-Men summer camp, so we all hung out at each other's houses after filming."

WHAT? Maddening. GAH. How is this life? PUH-LUSSSSSS, it's not just her friends that are sublimely hangoutable. There's also the matter of her parents.

"[My mother] is the most true artist I have met. I admire her so much. And the fact that she's my mum is just so cool!

I steal their clothes all the time. My dad has totally taken my Cat Stevens T-shirt, but it's OK, I have his Black Flag one..."

I'm going to go take a walk now.

{via ASOS}