Cover Girl: Rihanna on 'Cosmopolitan'

Who better to be the face of summer than the queen of the steamy-hot dance hit herself, Rihanna. The Barbados beauty graces the cover of Cosmopolitan's July issue and serves as ambassador to summer in a tribal printed bustier, a high-waisted neon pink bottom with black-and-white banding, and gemmed/spiked bangles up to her eyeballs. Pulling her scarlet locks aside to reveal her "rebelle fleur" neck tattoo (subliminal messaging to buy her perfume of a similar name??), the look in her eye has us all huddled around the computer screen slowly nodding without a doubt in our mind that RiRi has all the answers to our burning questions about "what men crave in July," "talking tricks that draw him in," and where "his six secret sex spots" are. (related: LOLOLOLOLOL at these cover lines).

On the inside, the pop star appears across a bare mattress in a teal and purple zebra-printed gown from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 collection (also worn by Fergie on the cover of Lucky's June issue) with a verrrry high slit – all the better to show off her incredible legs/bod. In the interview, she reveals that she feels sexiest when she's "wearing chocolate body paint," which MAY be how her skin stays so flawless. It will never be said enough, but RiRi's skin is seriously IMPECCABLE to where I question how an epidermis that perfect even happens IRL. I used to wonder, "What lotion does she use? Is that baby oil or does she lather her legs in fairy dust and childhood dreams??!" Now I know. Or I can postulate and test my hypothesis by replacing my normal moisturizer with Hershey's syrup for the next six months. Or, you know, get retouched by a Photoshop magician. Either way, I'll let y'all know how it goes.