Tyra And André Leon Talley Are Really Excited To Talk About Shapewear

Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley.
Photo: Courtesy of typeF

Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley have teamed up to make a series of 'Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion' vids for Tyra's new fashion website/community typeF. The duo picks a topic that real people can relate to like skinny jeans or little black dresses or trench coats or whatever (you know Tyra, she likes to keep it real) and runs absolutely bananaswild with it for five minutes. ALT stations himself in a metal chair and really grounds the whole endeavor with a wealth of historical context (in this one he talks about the Victorian bustline and the Edwardian uni-boob), and Tyra sits on his lap, hamming it up to his every word.

In this installment about "Shapewear" (basically corsets and spanx and prosthesis-looking binding crap that goes from your knees all the way up to your boobs) there is a point where Ms. T is wearing nothing but flesh-colored (like, anglo "flesh-colored") support underwear and walking around like a mummy to indicate how binding all of it is. Obviously the best and only way to illustrate this point...

The whole thing feels wicked vaudeville, or television programming for children who possess gnat-leg wide-attention spans. Tyra discusses chafing, powdering your Shapewear (she says to use corn starch or baby powder, but IDK how that works if you're doing red carpet in a dark, dark, dress), the time she walked Thierry Mugler and he insisted everyone be bound until they featured 16-inch waists and a totally MacGyver-ish time she used WIG GLUE to STICK UP the waist of her spanx because she'd cut the industrial-strength rubberized band off at an event because she was muffin-topping.

Seriously, there's even a passage where they put their heads in profile (like, is that a vase or two heads?-style) and say the following words in turns:




Liggle (not a word)

Suck it up

Tiggle (see above)


Volupte (close)


Tuerrie (OK, just...please)

SO WEIRD. The best part, though? The thing that puts this in total Anna Della Russo fashion shower territory? That they're both totally likable because they seem completely out of their trees. Kiiiiinda loving this lack of gravitas in fashion lately. Even though ALT did make my LIST OF GRIEVANCES with his Met Gala list scandal.

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