Style Advice For 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery

A red carpet look for our Scotty.
Photo: Getty Images, Clockwise from top left: Urban Outfitters, Ssense, Topman

Scottsman. Can we call you that? Since you took over our screens with American Idol, we've felt like we know you, so forgive our familiarity. Sure, some of us here at Style are olds who do not know what a TVs is, but a few of us watched you emerge from Milwaukee, taking—with your small-town charm—a big part of our hearts. But, let's be honest: You are verging a bit on the side of a style fiasco here. No, no, don't worry. We understand, and we still think you are savable, but since you are currently on the world's stage, we feel compelled to share our knowledge with you. A few fast rules: First, never unbutton your fancy shirt. Also, grow your hair out to set off the adorable roundness of your face. So follow our tips to make your casual/red carpet looks totally on point. Since you are the big winner, we'll tackle the dressy stuff first.

You dig on the classics, no doubt, so we went for a nice pop o'color à la Elvis for this jacket from Lanvin. If you keep it cool (literally, blues, blacks, grays), you'll be a hit without getting too busy. Also, you can fudge whatever underneath it, and the gray in a color like this will keep it from clashing our eyeballs out. Chambray is major right now, so give a nod to your hipster tendencies with a skinny tie in a fun color. No patterns—not on the RC, my dear.

Urban Outfitters tie; Lanvin woven blazer; Topshop shoes

And this may just be the bloggers in us squealing, but patent-leather shoes just don't work. The men before these current generations all knew that worn, rugged and heritage leather not only didn't need absurd upkeep but could be kept around for years. Since you'll be doing plenty of meeting and greeting, you'll want an easy pair of shoes to stay stylish.

A casual look for our Scotty.
Photo: Getty Images, Clockwise from top left: Gitman Vintage, Need Supply, J.Crew

For this casual look, freakishly young and talented Scotty's got the laid-back Carolina steez on lock. And while there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple in boots, blue jeans, and a long-sleeve flannel shirt, we just want to bless this 17-year-old with an upgrade.

We're not crazy about the sandblasted effect or the boot cut, so we went deep, dark, grown man, American-made Indigo dyed canvas from Raleigh Denim. A hat tip to his hometown. The shirt is Gitman Vintage, worn-in and easy to throw on in a classic dish towel pattern, and of course, Aldens might not be cowboy boots but they go with everything while keeping it rugged and refined. Finally, dude should definitely consider a tight cuff on the pant leg to keep things sleek.

Gitman Vintage shirt; Raleigh Denim pants; Alden for J. Crew shoes