Hot Dude Of The Day: Kris Humphries Stylishly Sweats It Out In 'GQ' Magazine

Kris Humphries in the June 2011 issue of 'GQ.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'GQ'

We'll be the first to admit we're not the biggest sports fans, but after seeing this uh-mazing sportswear GQ fashion spread with Kim Kardashian's new hubby-to-be, Kris Humphries—we miiiight have to start buying season tickets. Now that we are all fully awake (better than coffee, right?), this New Jersey Nets player definitely has all the right, ahem, assets to be stripped down to nothing but a bold pair of swim trunks, and he gets it SO RIGHT. Every guy should take a cue from his not-too-short-but-not-too-long shorts. (Good rule to follow: Nothing longer than your knees and nothing so small that it looks like you stole it from your girlfriend.) We think his retro blue short outfit is a slam dunk (Zing!). We're not even mad that he stripped down to nothing but his slim-cut Stone Island shorts. He's being practical, people. He's doing stuff. He's exercising. People that exercise get sweaty. People that get sweaty take off their shirts. People who take off their shirts, well, aren't usually as ripped as Kris, but we'll TAKE IT! Also, his grooming is impeccable. Look at that flawless skin and clean-cut hair. We bet even his sweat smells like cologne. (Perhaps like Polo Sport? Or Acqua Di Gio? We're undecided in the office.) So you're probably wondering, "What's with him wearing those Dolce & Gabbana aviators while shootin' hoops? Especially if he's indoors?" Well, my fine little fashion friends. Some people slam dunk so hard, they shatter the backboard. I know, I know. It sounds insane, but it HAPPENS. And Kris is just being cautious, and we like that about him. He's getting married soon. He can't have glass in his EYES, people. On top of being stylishly safe, we love that he OWNS his American Apparel tube socks and white Nikes, which are the same shade of blue as his shorts AND bracelet AND watch. *slow clap* You did it, man. You did it.

But before Kris even heads out to the court, there's only one way he can get TOTALLY PUMPED UP for the big game ahead. (And no, Kim Kardashian has nothing to do with it. OK, she might have a little to do with it.) He listens to his favorite, jams, y'all! He throws on a pair of his brightest Paul Smith trunks, his largest Urbanears Plattan headphones, and turns up the bass to hear his favorite rap songs at full volume. The gold Omega watch also adds a little gangsta flair to his getting-ready outfit, which we are loving. If he looks THIS good in sportswear, we can only imagine what he'll look like on the big day. Awesome, that's what.