Hot Dude Of The Day: Henry Holland Needs To Become Our BFF Immediately

Henry Holland at a Sunglass Hut launch in London on May 25.
Photo: Getty Images

What's NOT to love about Henry Holland? Not only is he a super-mega-awesome London-based designer (check out his House of Holland collections here), but he's a babe and half who needs to become our BFF immediately. Seriously, he seems SO FUN. His hair alone = MAJOR. Just follow his Twitter for one day and you'll immediately fall in love. We simultaneously laugh and cry every time he tweets—laughing because he's so adorable and funny, but crying because we know deep down we'll never, ever have his amazing life and be friends with Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung and it SUCKS. Siiiigghhh. And, god, if he kooky Twitpics aren't ENOUGH to put you over the edge, he has a blog on! We like to read his little online musings in a thick English accent to feel like he's really talking to us, you know? Also, it automatically makes him hotter. By a lot. Time a million. Plus two.

And you know what? OBVI the best part about Henry slash what makes him quite possibly the most amazing hot dude of all time are HIS CLOTHES. Yeah, yeah, he makes some awesome pieces that he could give you for free and MAYBE even personally design some stuff for you if you became true besties, but like, look at the clothes HE WEARS. The outfit he sported today at a Sunglass Hut launch is SO Brooklyn chic. We love his not-trying-too-hard summery ensemble which consists of a carefree white tee, light denim jacket, rag-and rolled khakis in a SUBLIME fit and what appears to be the orange and green wingtip iteration of the jute-soled Prada espadrille/creeper hybrids. We could totally imagine spotting him riding down Bedford Avenue on a vintage cruiser with a bouquet of flowers tucked under his arm on his way to meet his mom for brunch. Then we'd just sigh to ourselves and IMMEDIATELY BERATE our boyfriends when we get home for not caring enough about how they dress. That's the kind of effect he has on us. Also, Henry, move here so we can hang out. Kay?