Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)' Single Cover Art Revealed (And Cop Her '80s Beauty Look!)

Katy Perry's cover art for 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).'
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Being a teenager is so awkward. So horrifyingly awkward that thinking about the burrowing pimples, the weird crap in your teeth and the intense innerinner eye shadow rim (which ladies still rock in their 20s) elicits, in our office at least, soul-shattering shudders. But Katy Perry, the mistress of the awk-hottie, has gone there, fully embracing those years no amount of un-Facebooking can destroy.

For the cover of her new single, a part of the appropriately named Teenage Dream album, Katy exploits the years we so adamantly reject. The neon-loving pinup queen dons braces, busts out the triangle earrings. And the hair. Can we just say: the hair. Aside from the fact that we are positively scringing (which means skittishly cringing) at the pure CRONSH of her locks after she heads to bed post-prom or whatever it is she is all dolled up for, we love the volume, the crispiness, the sheer nostalgia. (We do not, however, love the Crocs in the left picture. Yes, scoot closer. Those are Crocs. So, there goes any legitimate '80s reenactment. Unlike many of you, we were alive then. And Crocs were not.) But the turtleneck/barrette match? The faded jean jacket? That unbridled look of young, foolish optimism? It's kind of exciting, and a great way to amp up your summer style in a quick and bright way. Here's how...

Everything you need to get Katy Perry's '80s-inspired look!
Photo: Courtesy of Sephora/Ulta/Drugstore.com/Ruby Lane/Amazon

Clockwise, from top left:

+ One of the best things about this eye shadow smorgasbord is that the lighter blues and browns are totally daytime appropriate and then BAM! Turn out the MAROON for when you want to get funky. (Sephora, $24, Sephora.com)

+ S'ok. We normally don't advocate the environment-destroying, hair-frying, tear duct-assaulting Aqua-Net, but to have some in your hair arsenal, you know, just for your own teenage dream, we won't hate. (Aqua-Net, $4, Drugstore.com)

+ A rosy hue with just a hint of shine is really on point these days, and can also be used to recall those ultra-femme pouts from the era of Bush (Senior). (CoverGirl, $12, Amazon.)

+ There was something going on in the '80s, and that something was called TRIANGLES. Those angular shapes were everywhere, so instantly retro-ize your look with some geometric plastic door knockers. And did we mention they were in yellow? (Earrings, $17, Ruby Lane.)

+ Blue liner is back in a big way, and we love different shades for different eyed ladies. For Katy's green/blue peepers, try a more aqua tint, with a little bit of metal for drama. (Ulta, $18, Ulta.com)