You Guys! The Gang’s All Here!!!!! Paaaaaartaaaay. Finally. Maybe Almost Died.

You WILL have fun. You WILL mean it.
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Hi internet! *Waves* I really like what you’ve done with the place *looks around, wipes chair absentmindedly with a hankie before sitting down.* So, there are many, many exciting changes afoot in our little corner of the information superhighway, namely the fact that we’ve got a whole new squad! I KNOW! You’re already familiar with Chrissy, our stalwart production assistant/editorial assistant who is McGotes the wind beneath my wings, like, to where when I was flopping around cluelessly like a beached hammerhead shark she fed me milk shake through a squeeze bottle, kept the blog alive, and social-networked everything until I got my bearings and regained my strength. Plus, her nails, eyeliner, and shoe game were FLAWLESS the entire time.

Then, we added Gaby the PA/EA whose waist-length curls, button nose and total type-A personality we THOUGHT was total mean girl material until we realized she’s a huge band nerd with a tireless work ethic whose strong back and perfectionist nature we could ABUSE and HAZE by making her do SO MUCH WRITING while cropping and HTML-ing her face off.

And now, with my latest CHAMPIONSHIP coup, namely the cherry picking of the bananasawesome Leila Brillson, formerly of Refinery29, Interview, and Switched (pour some out) it’s a MUHFUGGIN’ PARTY!!! Mwahahahreeeeer. And, if not a party, we’re at least totally gassed and running around the office patting ourselves on the back and making sure everyone who’s anyone in the building sees it. We’re getting T-shirts made and maybe even satin jackets with EMBROIDERED “MTV Style” all in cursive and bedazzled that we are absolutely NOT going to charge to our corporate cards or anything… *cough* but the actual OBJECTIVE remains the same. We, along with our fearless boss, Sophia Rai, are dedicated to bringing you the best, brightest, LOL-iest, absurdest, awesomest style news in all of the universe. It’s SO on. Oh, and write to us at to talk to any of us. xoxo

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