Cover Girl: Florence Welch on 'Nylon'

Florence Welch is the latest "It"-gal to grace the cover of Nylon magazine, red hair ablaze across the front of the mag's July issue. The Florence + the Machine frontwoman is the center of Nylon's Music Issue, which also features exclusives with MTV Style faves: Jessie J, Sleigh Bells, and OMGOMGOMG Jared Leto! HOOOOLY HOT PANTS! And we mean this literally: Are you SEEING these shorts?! I mean, I know you have eyes and all (actually, I don't know that for sure, but I assume it's probably true since we are here together on the internet, but to any seeing-impaired MTV Style fans, I deeply apologize). BUT ARE YOU FULLY COMPREHENDING THE SIGHT THAT YOUR OCULARS ARE BEHOLDING? Let us break it down...

Top by We are Handsome, Shorts by Chanel, Shoes by Converse, Ring and gold chain necklace by Susan Caplan vintage collection, Pearl and chain necklace by Mawi.
Photo: Courtesy of Nylon

If you are thinking, "So? The woman is wearing shorts. It's summer. That's what people do. Big deal," then you and I? We're through. (JK! Don't go! We'll miss you!) Otherwise, really stew on this. Let it sink in. When, pray tell, was the last time you remember seeing Flo (that's what she lets me call her in my dreams where we're best friends) in something that wasn't boho, ethereal and generally diaphanous?

We present: The vaguely cherubic Met Gala feather number, the Oscars, the Givenchy swan number at the Grammys, and pretty much every performance EVER. She's almost always wearing something gorgeously gauzy and willowy. Then here she is, defying expectations in a pair of vertical striped cutoffs and a jersey tank top (both from Topshop) under a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label cardigan! Inside the issue, she wears even MORE figure-flattering denim and not just in the form of shorts, either. Check it all out in these exclusive photos from inside the issue while we go dream of how rad red hair is this summer. {via Nylon magazine}