Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Artwork With All The Fashion Credits

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Liner Notes.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti

As you may have heard from one or two or SEVENTHOUSANDMAJILLION sources, Lady Gaga's Born This Way album has dropped. Currently chilling atop 22 international iTunes charts, it maaaaaaybe seems like the album is a success? But who are we to make such outlandish conjecture? Right? JKJKJKJKJKJKJK Gaga could start printing MONSTER MUNNY with her angular, prosthesis enhanced face emblazoned right on it and most of planet Earth's countries would accept it as bona fide currency. This is where we're at.

But as with all gigantic successes, there are millions of hands unseen who contribute to the overall dazzling triumph and Lady Gaga's fashion director and Theirry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti knows this well. In a move that's totally in keeping with our philosophy of giving propers where they're due, the sartorial mastermind has dutifully recorded EVERY SINGLE FASHION/STYLING/HAIR/MAKEUP/NAILS credit on his Nicola Formichetti blogspot. Plus, kiiiiiiinda love him for still having a blogspot. Retro gangsta.

The image you'll see to your left is an ensemble courtesy of Bart Hess, an incredible Dutch visual artist whose work in textiles and photography will blow your mind nuggets. Check out his entire résumé here (spoiler alert: He's SUPER young like many of Gaga's fashion collaborators). On the right you'll see the classic prostheses, but what I love about this bra is that it's from the extremely high-class and coquettish Kiki De Montparnasse, which is a lovely counterpoint to the avant-garde/futuristic/space alien aspects elsewhere.

It's this sort of witty interplay that makes Nicola a genius, and it's a testament to Gaga's savvy that her crew is filled with brilliant, willful people who each hold it down in their respective areas of expertise. Her entire aesthetic is uniform as a whole, but the fact that her directors, fashion directors, photographers, designers, and choreographer definitely all do their own thing is what makes this crew truly monstrous. *golf claps abound* LOOK AT THE BART HESS DETAIL, PEOPLE. Incredible. {via Nicola Formichetti}

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