Let's Discuss: Cheeseburgers + Nail Art = The Most Amazing Tumblr Ever

The gravy-esque cheese is an added bonus!
Photo: Getty Images

GOOD MORNING! How were y'all's respective weekends? Dazzling? Mesmerizing? Filled to the distended gullet with CHEEEEEEEEEBURGAHS? I certainly hope so (unless you're a vegetarian and the prospect of munching on a multilayered cow flesh sandwich makes you want to barf). There are few things we at MTV Style love more than food, and while we're not terribly discerning in the sense that we will eat pretty much anything if you put it in front of us (and directly in front of us, if we have to get up and walk or even stretch TOO HARD = no dice), of the food category, regular cheeseburgers rank just above candy and right below "cheeseburgers with bacon where the bread is glazed donuts."

So you can imagine our delight when close-up food porn shots of oozing burger innards were met with our other favorite thing to ogle and catcall (yes, audibly to where it's very professional)—NAILS. We love looking at nails/nail art/new nail silhouettes and innovations in peel and set colorways, but often the shots are fairly predictable—hands holding the bottle, fingers splayed unnaturally against a stark background, disembodied nail shapes floating in sets of five, hands holding something very on the nose ("coral me happy" holding a piece of coral etc etc)—so this seems like the sort of genius where you can't believe no one's done this already.

An entire cheeseburgers and manicures Tumblr called nailburgerlar (GAH! Amazing), is replete with numerous examples of such couplings and it makes us wildly happy. Now if we could just get some pull-and-peel nail art OF burgers and nails to put on your nails whilst eating burgers, we'd be all set. Somebody hurry up and invent that. But make the accent nail a corndog. Those rule, too. Thanks.

Nails. Burgers. Nailburgers.
Photo: Courtesy of Burgers and Nails

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