Shoe Update: Kat Dennings, Stephanie Pratt, And Hilary Rhoda

Kat Dennings attends 'Philadelphia Style' magazine's 12th anniversary issue party in Philadelphia on May 16, Stephanie Pratt attends Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary Celebration in Beverly Hills, California, on May 17, and Hilary Rhoda attends Free Arts NYC's 12th annual Art Auction benefit in New York on May 17.
Photo: Getty Images

IT'S FRIDAY! *sings to self "Friday, gotta get down on Friday..."* No other day of the week brings about such unadulterated gratification like Friday. I mean, sure you don't have work or school on Saturdays, but sometimes so much PRESSURE gets put on Saturdays to the point where they end up being almost as stressful as a regular weekday. OR you go the opposite route and say to yourself, "I've had a really tough week. I'm going to take a little 'ME' time and relax," and your little inner cheerleading squad is like "F*** YEAH! LET'S DO IT!" Then you just end up wasting the whole day "catching up on sleep" and eating Ben & Jerry's for breakfast/lunch/dinner in your PJs. You know, I do. FRIDAYS, on the other hand, are THE best balance of both worlds. You wake up, have a productive day, and then when that's over, you're FREE to conquer the night! It's the very best way to finish off a week. Just like a great pair of SHOES is the best way to finish off an outfit! (See what I did there?)

In honor of the beauty of balance, this week's Shoe Update shows you how to pair feminine pieces with tougher, edgier ones and make it WERK. First up, Kat Dennings wears Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony's Mary Anne clog boots to Philadelphia Style magazine's 12th anniversary party. The curvature of the heel is super femme-sexy, while the black leather upper and combat-esque lacing toughens the pair up. She's ALSO switching things up with that neon pink blazer—masculine tailoring in a girly color. MMM, PREACH, GIRL! Stephanie Pratt wore a pair of pink-and-white floral wide-strap wedges (also platforms) to Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary Celebration and paired them with a dainty lace dress and an edgy gray moto-jacket. And Hilary Rhoda rocks a pair of wide ankle-strap cutout heels with a cropped leather jacket on top of a black-and-green dress with mesh detailing which echoes her shoes' cutouts without TOTAL geometric mimicry (which can get weird). Check out these and more in our gallery below.


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