Hot Dude Of The Day: Ryan Gosling Awakes From Nap, Goes Straight To Cannes Film Festival

Ryan Gosling at the 'Drive' photo call during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, on May 20.
Photo: Getty Images

It's assumed that Ryan Gosling only sleeps in the finest, 1500-thread count linens topped with four plush satin down feather pillows. Before crawling into bed, we imagine him opening the double French doors to his balcony so the waves crashing into the shore can ease him into a delicious slumber. As his eyes grow weary, he slips into his favorite blue silk pajamas with white piping and matching nightcap, and finally, Mr. Gosling smiles to himself as he falls into his perfect mid-afternoon nap.

But you know what? Sometimes your naps are interrupted by things like, oh I don't know, a Cannes Film Festival. When you're as famous as Ryan Gosling, you have to make appearances and actually talk to people and go places you don't even want to go and blahblahblah, so we imagine Ryan being RUDELY interrupted by his assistant barging into his hotel room and yelling to him, "Your call time is in 5 MINUTES!" In his sleepy stupor, he stumbles to his suitcase and starts yanking out pants, shirts, and shoes. Just then, he catches himself in the mirror and thinks, "Wow, the blue in this PJ shirt REALLY brings out my eyes. I actually look really freaking AMAZING in these pajamas. God, how can someone look THIS hot in loungewear? I'm totally wearing this." He then scours his suitcase while chanting to himself, "Blue. White. Blue. White. Must. Find. Anything. Blue. Or. White." And stumbles upon a pair of white trousers and WHATTA KNOW? Blue and white wingtip shoes! Perrrrrr-fect! Let's do this!

Ryan: We get it. You're like a god in your pajama shirt. It's kooky. It's weird. It's kind of hilarious, but hey, you're in France. It's cosmopolitan to commit to a deep V and no shirt and then to fling the curveball of hard-core natty kicks. We give you props for that, times a million. All other dudes should feel kind of sad about it. All girls are hoping next time he'll just wear the robe.

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