Let's Discuss: Justin Bieber Launches New Women's Fragrance, 'Someday'

Justin Bieber's new women's fragrance, Someday.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Justin Bieber Someday

I love Justin Bieber. Like, to where it's weird and friends don't make fun of me because they think it's legitimately unsavory and a poor reflection on them. Maybe it's because there's some sort of errant ribonucleic acid specific to my being an Asian chick that makes me like pop music but probably also, maybe not. IDK. QUIZ ME ON ANY LYRIC, I SHALL SLAY THEE. Whatever, I'm way too old to question what I like.

I enjoy that he wears Supras and Comme des Garcons, I like that he loves Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and shirts and oy, don't even get me started on that cute-as-a-button girlfriend of his because she really is the bee's freakin' knees. The thing, and this definitely says a lot about me, that I love the MOST about Justin Bieber is the algorithm of his fame. I think he and his manager, Scooter Braun, have just MASTERED the message and his image when it comes to his mind-bogglingly fervent LEGIONS of female fans. It's nothing short of genius.

The "One Less Lonely Girl" thing, where JB picks a girl from the SOLD-OUT ARENA SHOW OF CRYING LADYCHILDRENS to serenade with a single rose? Brilliant. The fact that he makes 3-D movies of himself playing basketball with his childhood friends who he stays tight with to this day? Canny. His constant, vigilant Twitter dialogue between him and his MILLIONS of Beliebers? Church.

From jump street, Beeeeebz was all about visiting podunk malls and teeny-tiny radio stations and personally singing and dancing for EVERYONE, and that mirage of accessibility is still largely pervasive in his message. You feel like you're two, maybe three steps TOPS from actually making out with him. It's fascinating.

The June release of this perfume for women, that fetches $35 per ounce, with the marketing being centered around "this is what Justin Bieber likes girls to smell like" is brain-bleedingly clever. The price point is SWEET, and this can conceivably go on as his fans grow with him as long as the product itself is sexually vague and innocuous. He could never go into the edible underwear market (mostly because that crap tastes disgusting and he has highly evolved taste in candy) but stationery? Absolutely. Decently priced jewelry? Yup. Sheets in a collabo with Marimekko because his mom likes it? In the PAINT.

What this stuff actually smells like? Moot. Though, given this type of opportunity, I doubt highly that they've entrusted this to just any old noses. The fact that the bottle smacks (to pretty egregious levels) of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume packaging? Eh. That it's called Someday? A word FECUND with possibility and sparkle-magic-dream-sequence-harp-music? Awesome.

I give this two enthusiastic thumbs-up. I WILL consider buying this. Mostly because my regular perfume costs a majillion dollars and because this is TOTES going in my time capsule that I'll dig up once I've defrosted from the cryogenic process I'm saving up for. {Racked } via {WWD}