Jared Leto Announced As Face Of New HUGO BOSS Male Fragrance, Just Different

Jared Leto speaking at the HUGO Just Different global press launch in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 18.
Photo: Courtesy of HUGOBOSS Twitter.

Remember how you were stunned when you found out the hot guy from My So-Called Life had started fronting a band? And then you, the intrigued/obsessed little fanlet that you are, discovered aaaall about 30 Seconds to Mars, and your mind was thoroughly ROCKED to discover it WASN'T just some cornball concoction to keep cashing in on his good looks and growing fanbase but that this stuff was actually really really REALLY good?! And then how you were all, "OMG Jared Leto, you're so dreamy and talented, and I just want you to sing me to sleep every night and —*starts making out with framed picture*" RIGHT?? I mean, what? Uuuuuuuuh, me neither... STOP LOOKING AT ME.

ANYWAY, Jared is pulling a Franco and adding a few more slashes to his already super-hybridized job title: actor/singer/songwriter/MODEL/SPOKESMAN. Jared joins Orlando Bloom as the newest brand ambassador to HUGO BOSS. He's confirmed as the face of the label's newest male fragrance, HUGO Just Different, and according to the HUGO Create blog, Jared was chosen because his "lifestyle and ambitions embody the HUGO spirit. Always embarking on hugely diverse creative career paths, Jared has always lived his life with the spirit of originality." Which just reaffirms what we already know. And have known. And loved. For, like, six years. *enormous sigh heavy with longing* Jared spoke at the global press launch of Just Different in Amsterdam, Netherlands, last night clad in a sleek black HUGO suit, loosely knotted skinny tie, windswept locks, and just the right amount of scruff. #OMNOMNOM

If these Twitpics are even the slightest indication of what the ad campaign is going to look like when it rolls out in July, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. You should see how many paper towels I had to use to sop the drool out of the crevices in my keyboard (ew, 'crevices'). Yikes. The only question left unanswered is: WHAT does Jared have up his sleeve next?! Mmmmm... other than the dreeeeeeamiest arm/armpit/shoulder/neck/face/hair *makes out with framed photo all over again*