Hot Dude Of The Day: Kellan Lutz Is Starting To Look Like Ryan Phillippe, And We Like It

Kellan Lutz at the 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' premiere in L.A. on May 17.
Photo: Getty Images

Jigga whaaaa? Since when did Twilight dude Kellan Lutz start looking like Ryan Phillippe's younger and beefier little brother? No seriously, LOOK. I mean, Kellan Lutz's hair does change literally every 5 seconds. Sometimes it's short and black, sometimes it's brown and spikey, and sometimes it's *shiver* super slicked back. But this? This is NEW. Even for Mr. Lutz. His hair has blond tips (INTERESTING CHOICE bringing back this late '90s/early 2000s hair trend. It's SO Brad Pitt.) and it even has a slight curl to it. I mean, what the hell? Why not, right? That shiz will grow out in like six weeks, and he can just cut it off and never see it again, unlike SOME people who have super long hair that they started dying black, oh, I don't know, five years ago. And all they want more than ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD is to quietly transition back into a warm, medium chestnut brown, but every time they meet with a hairstylist they run away screaming at the thought of double bleaching, toning, and then redyeing their hair, which would take at least four hours and a month's worth of rent.

But, yeah, KELLAN. DO WHATTTTTEEVVERR you want to your hair. Just keep RUBBING IT IN OUR FACES. "Look at me! I'm Kellan Lutz! I have a billion pictures of my cute little dimple-y face plastered all across my IMDB page, and I have a different hairstyle in every picture and I still look MAD CUTE NO MATTER WHAT I DO. He he he!"

*deep breath* Anyway, we get it, Kellan. You and your hair are superhot, and you know what? You even dress well, too. We appreesh this black two-button suit paired with a polka-dot tie you wore at the Love, Wedding, Marriage premiere last night. In fact, we love it. Also, we're not mad at the fact that you're slowly morphing into Mr. Phillippe. I mean, dude hasn't been around in FOREVER (OK, he was in The Lincoln Lawyer, but let's be real, nobody saw that) and we need a new twentysomething curly blond hottie to replace him. And that person is you, Mr. Lutz.

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