Movie Awards: A Fashion Homage To 'Black Swan'

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards are fast-approaching, and as we count down the days until the doling out of the golden popcorn, MTV Style has all the fash-related coverage of the awards and nominees. So far, we've brought you the most-memorable style moments of this year's Best Female and Male performance nominees and showed you our fashion homage to Easy A. Today, we're serving up our very own Polyvore shrine to a film that is up for four awards: Black Swan. AND don't forget, you can watch clips and vote for all of your favorite performances here!

A 'Black Swan'-Inspired Polyvore Set
Photo: Polyvore

If you're a member of the American female population, you have 100 percent seen Black Swan because you think Natalie Portman is the prettiest human to ever live and you've been obsessed with her since Star Wars: Episode I/Garden State/V for Vendetta/Mars Attacks! If you're a dude, then you've also undoubtedly seen this movie, but you fall under one of two situations: either you were dragged to see it by your significant other, or you and your buddies went to see it solely for this scene (click and scroll down) (side note: If you fall into the latter category, then you're probably not reading this blog anyhow but WHATEVZ). Either way, Black Swan is totally one of those iconic films of the current era that we're going to be talking about for years, and Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis give some of the most impressive performances of their careers and arguably of any young starlet of this generation. PLUS, the costume department for Black Swan is totally high-fash-conscious—ZOMG RODARTE—so it obvi holds a special place in our hearts. To commemorate our undying love for this film (aside from the feather-strewn candlelit shrine we've erected in its honor), we offer you this humble Polyvore set of Black Swan-inspired amazingness.

As a more wearable interpretation of Nina's Black Swan costume, we found this black Cynthia Rowley feather tutu and a set of charcoal/gray Stila eye shadow. Since most daywalking citizens are averse to traipsing around with a gem-encrusted tiara on their heads, we tracked down a more subtle way to channel your inner princess with this Lucyn's tiara-shaped ring. A light pink Dion Lee tulle short-sleeved dress, Essie nail polish, and lady-like ribbon-laced Vionnet heels call to all things ballet. A swipe of red Stila lipstick harkens back to when Nina went totally crazy-pants and stole that tube from the dressing room of legendary dancer Beth MacIntyre, and the nail files in the top right are to remind you of/prevent you from re-creating that revolting scene where she rips her nail out in the sink for NO GOOD REASON. NIGHTMARES. Finally, we top the set off with this George Angelopoulos mirrored clutch for reasons you'll never know unless you've seen/until you see the movie. Fin.


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