Closer Look: The Fashion From MTV's Exclusive 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside' Special

Lady Gaga in 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside.'
Photo: MTV

It’s well near inhuman how omnipresent this chick is—from American Idol to Cannes to Farmville to releasing a new track from her STILL yet-to-drop album what seems like every week! Seriously? I don't even see my OWN face this much! But just when you were about to tell yourself you're so oversaturated with Lady Gaga and all of her theatrics, and maybe you two need to take a break for the summer but, like, HAKAS and LYLAS for real, she throws a curveball. And I'm not talking, like, she's rocking a new outrageous hairstyle or a new set of pasties. The biggest pop star on the planet, whose main pillar of her career thus far has been keeping everyone at arm's length, far enough away that people focus on her art rather than her personal comings and goings, takes a moment to sit down for an MTV exclusive documentary called Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside (airing Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV) in which she sheds light on her journey from Stefani Germanotta to the Gaga we know and love today.

Mother Monster recalls being bullied by other students at school and how those experiences affected her and influenced her songwriting. She cites her fans as the key to "unlocking things about [herself] that [she] didn't want to handle or deal with or address that make [her] a greater songwriter." But there's no doubt that her unparalleled fashion has also been heavily impacted by this newfound ability to access and confront past wounds. I mean, only a person with the utmost confidence and love for self could step out in such risk-taking garb, amiriiiiite? And Gaga certainly holds nothing back, sartorially speaking, in this interview. Check out the drop-arm sleeveless leather jacket with epaulets, the gem-encrusted flower/sea urchin/ninja throwing star necklace, the thick grometted leather garter on her thigh, and her presumed pantslessness.

Zooming the lens a little closer, we see her latest beauty look of choice: the two-toned black-and-blonde bob, barely there brows paired with more than enough false eyelashes to make up for their absence (and applied BELOW the lower lash line), mini cheek protheses, a deep red pout, BLADOW *awkwardly emphatic full-body gesticulation* that ENORMOLE. Closer still, we get to appreciate all the crazy amazingness (craymazingness?) happening in the phalangeal region. Pay some serious respect to the leather fingerless HANDLESS gloves and the bling, and finally, we'll leave you to clean up the brain pieces that you've just exploded everywhere after gazing upon this red-tipped, metal-embellished almond-shaped Lourve-worthy masterpiece of a manicure.

Close up of Lady Gaga's nails and gloves in 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside.'
Photo: MTV




Watch the full documentary on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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