Hot Dude Of The Day: Justin Bieber Skateboards Through Taiwan Airport, Gets Windblown Hair

Justin Bieber at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan on May 15.
Photo: Getty Images

So, when we saw this photo of Justin Bieber cruisin' all carefree through the Taiwan airport on a skateboard, we were BLOWN AWAY by the amount of sheer awesomeness that was bursting through our computer screens. Like, what is more badass than this? Airports are the most high-security places in the universe, and here The Biebs is actin' like he's in his parents' driveway practicing his kickflips like it's NBD. He's got on his SUPER HUGE GIANT purple (obvi) Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses and shirt, G-Star jeans, and black skate shoes. You can't even see the fact that he's sporting THE Louis Vuitton Damier Michael backpack, which is arguably the most amazing accessory in this entire ensemble.

BUT, the bestbestbestbest part about everything that's happening here is that JB is COMMITTED. He is SKATEBOARDING, GUYS, and he's SERIOUS about it. He's so committed, in fact, that he even has—GASP—windblown hair!!! And he didn't fix it!! He had to be racking up some serious MPHs to get that 'do to split ways, and we're super into his athletic prowess. Also, security-schmurity! No cops have a chance chasing down this 4-wheelin' dude on a mission. He's getting to baggage claim and he doesn't care how fast he gets there.

But you know what would make this photo even MORE awesome? 1.) If he was holding a steaming slice of pepperoni pizza in his left hand; 2.) If he was mouthing ALL THE WORDS to Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" while this was being taken OR 3.) If in actuality, a huge dog was pulling him along this WHOLE TIME and we're giving him all this cred for being a cool, sporty athletic dude and he doesn't EVEN DESERVE IT. *pants*

Well, I guess for now, since we can't tell you what's really happening outside of these two photos, the rest of this scenario will be our fantasy. ;)

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