MTV Style's 2011 Prom King: Kanye West Is Crowned!

Kanye West at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 2.
Photo: Getty Images

All hail King Kanye! He has been awarded the highly esteemed, much-sought-after, best-thing-that-could-ever-happen-to-anyone-ever MTV Style 2011 Prom King title. His competition was stiff (RPattz AND Aziz didn't make the cut, though A-Trak was the dark horse candidate, for sure), so why Kanye West? Well, there's just soooooo many things to love about 'Ye. 1.) He's a total weirdo, and we LOVE. THAT. Like, who else would show up to prom with a safety pin holding his tuxedo jacket together and still blow every other dude's outfit out of the water? Only our good ol' Yeezy. 2.) He's a risk taker. He's wearing a shirt with no buttons. NO. BUTTONS. And he doesn't look like a skeevy cartoon waiter, either. He looks COOL. 3.) He's unpredictable. Um, in case you don't know, Kanye's middle name is "emotional roller coaster," and hey, if he's your date that would be sort of fun, right?!?! Like, one second he's all sweet and telling you how pretty you are, and the next second he's stealing the DJ's microphone and telling the entire school how much his music selection SUCKS. Everyone would be all silent and blank-stared, but then a slow clap would start and then it would escalate to everyone chanting "KAN-YE! KAN-YE!" and then he would DJ for the rest of the night and it would be the best. Prom. Ever. 4.) He might wear a ladies' blouse. We are 100 percent fine with this because everyone knows Kanye doesn't repeat outfits, so you'd get his designer hand-me-downs. SCOOOOOOOOOORRE!!!!






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