Lady Gaga Dresses Like A Bottle Of Exclamation Perfume

Lady Gaga sighted leaving her hotel in London on May 12, and a bottle of Exclamation perfume.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Exclamation

Some days, trawling the internet for Gaga images is thankless work. Other days, the gods smile upon you, rain unimaginable treasures all over your face and weirdly down your neck to pool in your bra—BUT STILL, SUPER GENEROUS STUFF—and bestow upon you an indelible visual such as this. Boom, plus thank you.

I'm sorry, but this sight gag isn't made expressly for me, right? This isn't like a magic eye 3-D poster of a sailing boat or one of those, "is it two faces or a vase?"-type situations? Everyone can clearly see that monster No. 1 has taken it upon herself to become a vessel for PURE PRICELESS GENIUS and roll out of some London hotel dressed like a massive bottle of Exclamation by Coty perfume.

Her scarce midriff is disguised by the white-on-white and disappears into the circular body of the ultra-retro toiletry, and though the center circle has been reinterpreted to an off-center duck bill (in profile) more than a perfect black dot, Gaga's giant black headdress can't be misconstrued to be anything other than the bottle's handle.

The dress itself is designed by the U.K.'s own Liz Black, as a part of a 2011/2012 series entitled Concentric Thoughts, and I can only deduce that Liz, Gaga, this dress, and I all do definitely, fittingly, share the same axis with the center being sugary-smelling, midrange perfume that rose to popularity in the '90s to early aughts with girls that erred on the side of slightly... well... "not as virtuous as their mothers' would've liked."

Now, if the New York fashion plate would just dress like a bottle of Electric Youth, complete with curlicue neon filament, I would be insanely happy. But then, I'd also be drunk with power and insist upon Cacharel's Anaïs Anaïs, Mugler's Angel (star bottle version), Dior's Poison, Trésor by Lancome and maybe some ombré jam to do Fahrenheit for the lads.