Let's Discuss: Vogue Japan's Anna Dello Russo Dancing, Singing, Claiming We Need A 'Fashion Shower'

Anna Dello Russo in new 'Fashion Shower' music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Radio Deejay

OK, everybody just go watch this Anna Dello Russo video FIRST and meet me back up here when you're done. There is absolutely NO WAY you can get on the very specific wavelength I, and others who have very recently watched this INCREDIBLE piece of video magic, are jibing on so hurry up. We will wait.

*Complicated xylophone muzak*

ZOMGAAAAAAWG, right? I mean, this is unbelievable. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE IT. I cannot for the life of me decide what is going on in this short wherein Vogue Nippon's creative consultant and editor-at-large, is folding her sinewy limbs into yoga positions and leaping awkwardly to dance music whilst wearing a tasseled dress, a whole lotta smoky eye shadow, and those incredible DSquared ice skate, lace-up booties that were not made for human legs.

Seriously, what the hell is a fashion shower? Why does this exist? Is it a parody? Is this a lost Funny or Die sketch? *this is where in actuality about 15 minutes passed wherein I watched 'The Bridesmaids' preview several times both in theatrical trailer and restricted form on their site because I can't DEAL with how good it was* Between the vaseline-greezy porno lens to the completely incomprehensible lyrics, there's just something so "grand-piano-with-red-rose-buds-and-baby's-breath" that typically graces Japanese stationary about the whole thing that is very perplexing. I love that she has to be somewhat in on the joke to have made this in the first place, but then again, WHO KNOWS? And, again, no disrespect but judging from this woman's stick-thin limbs, I'm maybe thinking a "you need a fashion shower" is code for a "please feed me a gargantuan sandwich." Seriously, Dello Russo is a genius, but seeing her dance is like watching a horse being born.