Hot Dude Of The Day Prom King Edition With Robert Pattinson (Also, Happy Birthday!!)

Robert Pattinson at the 'Water for Elephants' premiere in London on May 3.
Photo: Getty Images

For the whole week, MTV Style is bringin' you nothing but mega-awesome-super-must-have-everything-you-need-to-know-before-going-to prom coverage. But you know what? We can't forget about the boys! Each day we're picking a hot dude with SERIOUS jealousy-inducing "I wish he was MY prom date" style, and at the end of the week, we'll pick our prom king! Who shall be crowned the ultimate prom style icon? Check back on Monday to find out!

EVERYBODY knows who Robert Pattinson is (PSST! It's his 25th birthday today!!) and what movies he's been in and his weird pseudo non-dating-but-always-together relationship with Kristen Stewart and blahblahblah. BUT no one ever talks about RPattz's ability to dress! This dude is consistently nailing it when it comes to fashion, and it's about time he got recognized. At a Water For Elephants premiere last week he sported an inspiring prom ensemble—a shiny BLUE suit with a BLACK shirt and subtly textured tie. HUH. INNERESTING. All those myths about not blue and black being heinous together are SO not true, and Robert is unflappable proof. Also, this ensemble is super-duper-classy, but perhaps a more fitting option for the guys who don't like traditional bow ties and white shirts.

In high school, we've seen him as the badass outcast who always rolls 10 minutes late to class on his motorcycle wearing THE SAME salkjskdjfkjdsldfkjsdkfjd smoking-hot outfit but always looking insanely put together. He's too cool to do his homework and doesn't have many friends, and you'll always find him leaning against the toolshed behind the school parking lot in his perfectly weathered leather jacket smoking Camels (ed note: But don't you go smoking, mind you. As habits go, it's the grossest. Also, all hot-dude high school smokers either quit and go on to be enormously successful, attractive men or continue smoking and become disgusting deadbeats with halitosis, so let this be a lesson to you.). He's like the anti-prom prom date, but if a girl as cute as YOU asks him to go, he'd do his part to oblige. And if he doesn't, email us immediately. We'll do something about it. Watch us.

So, who do you think should be crowned prom king—Kanye West, A-Trak, Ethan Peck, Aziz Ansari or Robert Pattinson? Tell us below!!