Prom 2011: Exclusive Video With Celebrity Dress Designer Sherri Hill

It's so hard to say goodbye, but the time has come to bid MTV Style Prom Week adieu. At least until next year. We kicked off the week counting down the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and rounded up the 20 best prom dresses under $100 for frugal fashion plates. Then, we broke down the outfits from MTV's feature film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.', gave you some easy prom hairstyles you can pull off yourself, and moments ago we showed you anti-french manicures for every clique. We round out our coverage with an exclusive look into the showroom of Sherri Hill, celebrity dressmaker and the go-to designer for your perfect prom dress!

Selena Gomez performs at the 2011-12 Disney Kids and Family Upfront in New York on March 16, Snooki at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain, on Nov. 7, 2010, and Kendall Jenner models for Sherri Hill.
Photo: Getty Images/Sherri Hill

You may or may not already know who Sherri Hill is, but chances are you've seen her work. Whether it's on stage being rocked by Selena Gomez, worn by our girl Snooki at her multiple birthday celebrations (a different dress for each party, duh), modeled by none other than Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner, or on the dance floor of your own prom, the Sherri Hill label has become synonymous with youth, glamour, and fun. The designer thinks about the girl each dress is meant for throughout the entire process (a rarity), and her collection is so eclectic that every girl from rocker to southern belle to glamazon is covered. Peep the interview below!


We were also lucky enough to have Sherri walk us through some of her favorite pieces from her current collection! She says that nude and feathers are BIG for prom this year (take note, I mean, she's kiiiiiind of an authority in all things PROM). The nude dress with the tulle skirt and hand-cut mirror-encrusted bustier that Selena Gomez wore has been the most requested dress of the year (which is pretty easy to see since it's insanely gorgeous). You can really see how dedicated Sherri is from the comprehensiveness of this collection: a purple gown with a bead-encrusted bustier and ruffle skirt, a pink mirror-ball sequined strapless dress, an emerald-and-gold beaded gown with a hi-low hem, and a turquoise frock with a full ostrich feather skirt and a bustier embellished with the tiniest French beads EVER MADE. Check them out in the walk-through below!



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