Inside Brad Goreski's Hotel Room, Rihanna's Hairstyling Secrets And More Fashion News

Brad Goreski in New York City, New York on May 1.
Photo: Getty Images

• Apparently, Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's spunky bespectacled, be-jacketed, be-bow-tied assistant, has been in NYC since the Met Ball, and Refinery 29 was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with him in his hotel room! Given that we each pack a Mini-Cooper-size suitcase for a weekend getaway, we can only imagine how much Goreski hauled with him for a weeklong stay. We predict enough studs to cover a small Hawaiian island. At least. {Refinery 29}

• We've all seen Rihanna's new music video for "California King Bed," and given that she spends, like, 50 percent of the vid in bed, it's a marvel that her tresses stay so perfectly tousled and non-bedheadish. Thankfully, Riri's expert stylist spills her hairstyling secrets! {Stylist}

• Hooooly flashbacks! Word on the street (or runway, rather) is that the choker doth returneth. The necklace style cropped up at Lanvin, Bottega Venata, and Emanuel Ungaro in antique velvets, massive pebbled jewels, and thick leather strips. Absent among the ranks were tattoo chokers circa 1998. Which is exactly where they should stay. {}

• There's all this hubbub about how ballsy Rachel Zoe is for already branching out to resort wear in what is only the second collection for her label. But uhh, when was the last time the woman was categorized among those who play it safe? Peep the boho goodness for yourself. Unsurprisingly, v, v, retro. {Stylecaster}

Lady Gaga performed 'Judas' at Cannes yesterday draped in red and black sheer fabrics, gold embellishments, and hard winged eyeliner. MTV has photos of all the luxe amazeballs deliciousness that Gaga serves up so reliably. {MTV}

Versace has announced they are launching a children's wear line. Because luxury kids clothing makes sense, right? Kids grow around three inches every year. They play in dirt and grass, run around, fall down, spill things on themselves. There's no reason NOT to swaddle them in 'spensive vestments! Truthfully, we're DYING to see this ad campaign... STYLISH MUNCHKINS!! {WWD}

• You knew it would happen; you just didn't know when. Retailers have been taking note of the inordinate amount of time their would-be customers spend on Facebook (guilty as charged), and now stores like Express are building stores into their Facebook pages, so you don't even have to leave the site to shop! Facebook: 1, Productivity: 0. {Coco Perez}