Prom 2011: Anti-French Manicures For Every Clique

Oh noes! Prom week is almost over *sniff sniff* but lucky for YOU we're still rolling out only the best! All week MTV Style has been featuring must-have tips for THE perfect prom look. So far you've picked out your favorite dress for under $100 and practiced your to-die-for DIY hair style all while watching the HILAR MTV film "Worst. Prom. Ever." (which we hope inspires you to figure out what NOT to do on the big day). But what's a dress and hair without some killer nails?! Check out some handy (heh!) inspiration below!

OK, listen. We hate to enforce cliché high school stereotypes, but ladies, let's be real for a second. In high school, it's all about finding yourself and trying to be different but also trying to fit in at the same time. WHEW. Being a teenager is HARD. Luckily, we're here for you. Prom is SO FUN because you have one night to dress up and feel like total royalty, but you still want to be you. We've gathered some UH-MAZING nail ideas for every type of girl on her fabulous day, AND mom won't get mad because it doesn't break the bank. All of these looks were inspired and completed by the amazingest nail manicurist in the whole world Lisa Logan. (In case you don't believe us, Lisa has done Beyoncé and Katy Perry's nails, and she designed her own line for Minx. Yeah, she KNOWS what's up.) So now it's just up to YOU to decide which look you want to rock. Will you go girly glam or sporty chic? Pick your look below!!


Goth nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Lisa Chudnofsky

The girl who always dons all-black will most likely wear a dark ensemble on prom day as well, which is why we gave her a Minx metallic burgundy sheen to her nails. This pop of color will stand out against her black dress, and the Minx skull and crossbones accent nail adds an extra dark twist to her look. These nails require NO painting handiwork because they are press-on stickers! Heat up the sheet of stick-ons with a hair dryer for a few seconds to make them sticky and pliable and place on the correct size nail. Fold any excess over the top and file the rest away with a nail file. Adding a clear top coat isn't necessary, but it'll keep the look lasting longer. (Psst! Want the necklace too? Buy it from Forever 21!)


Sporty nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Chrissy Mahlmeister

Just because the athletic girls are always sweating it out on the field, it doesn't mean they don't want to get glammed up once in awhile too! Since they need to keep their nails short, it's fun to play with some strong colors like we did here. We painted two coats of Essie Mesmerize for the first layer, and then added some super-trendy half-moon accents. We cut out these white Minx half moons, layered it over the blue (now they look light blue!) and finished it with a top coat. This two-tone look would be PERFECT if you want to show some team spirit by rocking your school colors!


Wallflower nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Nicole Sia

The quiet, artsy girl that sits in the back of the class is probably buying her prom dress off Etsy—or better yet is MAKING it—and wants some equally individual nails to complement her outfit. That's why we went with two coats of Katy Perry's sparkly pink OPI Teenage Dream polish and topped it with a layer of China Glaze crackle coat in Lightning Bolt. Unlike most of the dark crackle top coats we've seen, these light colors give her nails a girly and springy feel without being over-the-top. The hint of super glammy sparkle is jusssstttt peeking through, kind of like our favorite wallflower girls who are just beginning to break out of their shell!


Prom queen nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Hilary Petee

The prom queen always has the most perfect hair, the most perfect makeup, the most perfect dress. The only thing she needs are the most PERFECT nails! We opted for something bright, cheerful, and SUPER girly for our popular lady. To get her look, we painted two coats of Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle in Bold Buff. Then, to set off her GLORIOUS SPARKLY TIARA (obviii) we added an accent nail loaded up with different pink heart rhinestones by Erikonail! You can either use clear nail polish or nail glue to stick the stones on, but glue will last longer. Disclaimer: We can't guarantee the other girls in your class won't copy you.


Rocker nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Rachel Goldner

We can see this rocker girl showing up to prom in a tulle-layered, cocktail dress paired with high-top Converse sneakers and TONS of killer accessories, so of COURSE she needs some nails that will be able to stand out from the hubbub! These Minxlusion black fishnet nails look silver in some light but rainbow in others, which looks AMAZING if you plan to rock out under a disco ball and spotlights in these bad boys. Plan on getting noticed all night if you wear these, and seriously dudes, let us have a moment: OHHH MYYY GAHHHH HOW COOL ARE THEY?!?!


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