Cover Girl Roundup: Lady Gaga, Rachel McAdams, Alexa Chung And Cameron Diaz!

BLADOW. It's that time of the week again. Time for us to bring you the Cover Girl Roundup. Our last installment featured Michelle Williams on the cover of Interview and full-throttle supermodel fierceness in the form of Cindy Crawford on the cover of Vogue Mexico, Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue Japan, and Bregje Heinen in a crazy awesome yellow Max Mara jumpsuit on the cover of Greek Vogue. This week we're bringing you Lady Gaga's DOUBLE covers for V Magazine, Rachel McAdams looking sweet and sassy on the cover of Elle, Alexa Chung gracing the cover of Vogue UK, and Cameron Diaz's side-boob all over the newest issue of Cosmopolitan.


This June, V Magazine serves up a double dose of GAGA with this pair of üuber-close-up full-face covers. Lady Gaga fronts V's new "Asia" issue celebrating Asian high fashion AMAZINGNESS including features devoted to the hottest Asian models in the biz right now, including Liu Wen, one of the current faces of Estee Lauder and Victoria Secret's first-EVER Asian runway model, and reportedly, 10 percent of the proceeds from this issue will go toward relief efforts in Japan. Gaga's looks for these yin yang covers are styled by Nicola Formichetti (per uzhe). Her hair is coifed by Christiaan and her makeup is so artfully applied by Peter Phillips. But let's be honest here, can you reeeeally equate this majestic rainbow sequined butterfly mask and these gold metal facial embellishments with the make up art of mere mortals?! If I ever attempted to replicate either of these looks, the result would be less cover girl and more like the bottom of a petri dish or a bag of week-old rock candy.


Rachel McAdams strikes a cutesy demure pose on the cover of Elle's June 2011 issue in promotion of her upcoming film Midnight in Paris. The Woody Allen flick, in which she costars alongside Owen Wilson, premiered at Cannes yesterday and Rachel looked totally glamourous in a white-hot structured number. On this cover, she rocks a little more casual/sassy look with a top by Sosume, jacket and pants by Balmain, and ZOMG BANGLESBANGLESBANGLES galore! The diamond ones are by Chopard, brass-plated by Noir Jewelry, and her link bracelets are by Fenton. Eeeee GIMME!


Oh man, who in life, other than this chick, can actually rock a feathered BOB? Like, seriously, it's insane sometimes how Alexa Chung, seen here on Vogue UK's June 2011 issue, can breezily execute every aesthetic and single-handedly start a trend like it's NBD. With a porcelain complexion, dramatic cheekbones and awesome clavicle game, Chung nails the GIANT "summer chic" (hmm... nerd note, why is "chic" not capped since seasons shouldn't be capped either so this isn't sentence case... so... so... ANYWAY...) on the cover effortlessly in floral sleevelessness and a shiny heart-shaped locket.


Holy sideboob, Batman. Whoa. So with this single Cosmo June cover, the lovely, impossibly smoking Cameron Diaz levels a blow that makes it wholly NUTS that she's of an age to play starlets' MOTHERS in movies. In the issue she reveals her thoughts on marriage, what it's like dating A-Rod (I guess he's some famous sports person? JKJKJKJK I know he plays hockey!), and vacays with her bestie Drew Barrymore. But more than anything, we're loving how she stays so sun-kissed, supple and the way she works a super-revealing, python print dress with stacked, gold bangles galore.