Hot Dude Of The Day Prom King Edition With A-Trak

A-Trak performing at Terminal 5 in New York on April 30.
Photo: Kirill Bichutsky

For the whole week, MTV Style is bringin' you nothing but mega-awesome-super-must-have-everything-you-need-to-know-before-going-to prom coverage. But you know what? We can't forget about the boys! Each day we're picking a hot dude with SERIOUS jealousy-inducing "I wish he was MY prom date" style and at the end of the week, we'll pick our prom king! Who shall be crowned the ultimate prom style icon? Check back on Friday to find out!

In high school, there are three types of dudes that get all the attention: the superstar athletes, the crazy-smart brainiacs, and the lead actor in the plays. But we bet your bottom dollar that A-Trak prooooobably blew ALL of the other sophomore boys out of the water—he won the DMCs World DJ Championship when he was only 15. Yeahhhhh. Imagine sitting next to him in music class. Since then, A-Trak (who also happens to be brother to Chromeo hottie David Macklovitch) went on tour with Kanye West as his DJ, announced that he would also be touring alongside Travis Barker from Blink-182, became a record label MOGUL in launching Fool's Gold, and co-helmed the creation of that "Barbra Streisand" song that NEVER EVER LEAVES YOUR HEAD. (P.S.- Kind of hilar that both Kanye AND A-Trak made our prom court list considering they're BFFs. What can we say? We like our music dudezzz.)

But to be crowned the ultimate prom king, it isn't just about smarts and popularity—it's also about style, duh. When A-Trak stopped by NYC in April, he pulled out the WORKS for his onstage ensemble. He wore an unimpeachably classy, black, single-button, shawl-collar tux, crisp white shirt with contrast button detailing and a super 'dorbs, jauntastic velvet bow tie. The fit, of course, was impeccable. The minute we saw this getup, we just wanted to coax/shove him into our limo IMMEDIATELY and dub him our prom date who you "don't know" because he "doesn't go here" and make alllll of the other girls jealous on the big day. So what do you think, ladies? Is he crown-worthy?