Check Out These Mind-Blowing Wedding Dresses Made Of Toilet Paper

Last year's Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest first place winner, Galit Zeierman, and two other notable contestants.
Photo: Courtesy of Cheap Chic Weddings

So yesterday's snippet about Victoria Beckham (who will ALWAYS be Posh Spice, as far as I'm concerned) twitpic-ing herself in a toilet paper dress at her baby shower catalyzed a fash-thirst of epic proportions for MORE TP CREATIONS PLZ. Thankfully for us and anyone victim to our neanderthal demand-grunts for two-ply matrimonial vestments, there's a yearly contest for these things. Much like the duct tape prom contest, Cheap Chic Weddings sponsors an Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest encouraging creative peeps to design and construct wedding dresses made completely out of toilet paper! The rules say tape and glue and sewing are allowed (which vanquishes my panicked vision of diligent nimble-fingered craftspeople spinning toilet paper into many spools of thread), and the dresses will be judged on "creativity, originality, beauty and use of toilet paper." But hold on for just a DADGUM minute! Don't be fooled into thinking this is going to be an easy 'craft'er-school activity because it's just NOT.

You won't get away with "Project Runway" shenanigans like sewing your model (or yourself) into your dress in this competition. Official rules stipulate that "you must be able take the dress on and off and it must stay intact," AND finalists will be required to send their dresses and headpieces in (on Cheap Chic Weddings's dime, doy) for final judging/inspection. Holy barometrics! That's a lot of PRESSURE! But the rewards (even beyond the monetary prizes bestowed upon the creators of the top three dresses) are toootally worth it because these dresses are crazy insane monuments to dedication and love (heyyyyy, isn't that what weddings are all about??), and all of the interwebz gets to see the fruits of your super-human hard work! Take a peek at last year's entries, and you'll see what I mean: Out-of-this-world tiering, masterful tailoring, clean lines, expert draping, and flower ornamentations I would've SWORN were crafted out of chiffon by wizened Italian seamstresses and not of something I flush into a sewage abyss three to four times a day.

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