Hot Dude Of The Day: Ed Westwick Rocks Head-To-Toe Plaid, Practices 'Smizing'

Ed Westwick at the Tommy Hilfiger pop-up shop in London on May 5.
Photo: Getty Images

If your boyfriend ever approaches you and says, "Hey, babe (lolololol that your boyfriend calls you 'babe'), I got a suit for that wedding this summer. It's plaid." you miiiiight want to smile sweetly and give him a decoy address and make out with someone more suitable (JKJKJKJKJK). Usually, plaid + suit = BLERGH x 1.2 bajillion. Not only because you guys are going to clash in no matter what you wear but, hey, listen, we're the ladies here. Shouldn't the attention be on our clothes? Fine, maybe that's a little self-centered, but apparently there is a way to make plaid suits look good. Not even just good, but SUPER-DUPER-EXTRA-HERE-COMES-THE-HOTSAUCE HOT. Enter: Ed Westwick. You know, he plays that very intense/sort of creepy dude in Gossip Girl who ALWAYS manages to whisper-scream his full name "I'm Chuck Bass" into every scene ever. Well, as it turns out, in real life he's 99 percent less predatory, BUT his fashion is just as fun and jaw-dropping as it is on the show.

Yesterday at the Tommy Hilfiger pop-up shop launch in London, Master Bass, er, Westwick, wore a full-on head-to-toe red, white and gray plaid suit, with an open-collared white shirt underneath (Ed Westwick's chest hair often makes an appearance) and blue suede shoes (heh!). The funny thing about plaid suits is this: They can make guys look SO. DORKY. If it's done wrong. But Ed Westwick is oozing with so much confidence and is smizing SO HARD that you're like, "WHOA, DUDE. OK. I get it. You're serious about fashuunn," especially when you consider the absolutely impeccable lean fit and the SUPER clean, slightly tapered break of the leg. Were any of the factors even the least bit off, Westwick, regardless of his smoldering gaze, would look like an utter assclown.

ALSO: the best part of this outfit maaaaay not even be his plaid suit. Please, for example, look at this accessories. He's wearing a giant turquoise pinky ring with matching—wait for it—SILVER FEATHER BANGLES. MANGLES! But honestly, with his hair and that stare, this boy can do whatever he likes.