Lady Gaga Wears Sally LaPointe On Oprah's Last Harpo Hookup Ever!

Lady Gaga performing on 'Oprah.'
Photo: Courtesy George Burns/Harpo Studios/Sally LaPointe

Oprah's "Farewell Season" has already brought us to tears multiple times from all her Godlike good deeds, life-changing giveaways, and RIDIC amount of A-list celebrity appearances as each episode dwindles down. But then, today happened. Just when Johnny Depp began tugging at our heartstrings in his cute Frenchman's vest and tortoiseshell glasses on stage, incometh LADY GAGA. Behind the curtain (seriously, there was a curtain reveal and even a prerecorded, "Gaga can't make it" fake-out) we find the Mother Monster propped atop a GIANT HIGH HEEL PIANO MADE OF COILED GOLD WIRES (a sculpture by her little sister, we discover later). Our cold, little hearts almost couldn't take in all of the glory, but then in the close-up we see *GASP* A BEAUTIFUL RED BOILED WOOL SALLY LAPOINTE BLAZER. WITH LEATHER DETAILING. AND MASSIVE WINGED SHOULDERS. *faints dead away*

This crimson masterpiece isn't the first Sally LaPointe that Lady Gaga has been seen sporting (see Exhibit A: Google Interview and Exhibit B: Consumer Electronics Show), and we certainly don't think it will be the last, either. In fact, Gaga wears a gold metallic longsleeved gown by SLP in the 'Judas' video (btw OMGOMGOMG we cannot WAIT to finally see the uncut version on E! tonight - we've already watched the leak about a bajillion times today, obvi). Upon further inspection/glorification/ogling of this Oprah performance outfit, we stop--what's this? Do we actually RECOGNIZE something Le Gags (as the French say) is wearing? That sheer, animal spotted bodysuit MUST be the very same one she was seen wearing while combing the streets of Paris early this March. That is, unless she owns more than one (still completely plausible). But how much more real (human, even!) does Lady Gaga seem when you think about her wearing an article of clothing more than once? Either way, she's a visionary and a vision in Sally LaPointe (who is ONLY 26 years old by the by). Gaga, we raise our paws to you, you big ol' ball of cramazing. Salute!