Let's Discuss: Getting Your Lips Tatted Up Temporarily. Alarming Friends. Looking Awesome.

A model wearing the pink leopard temporary lip tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Violent Lips

Wowowowowoowowowow. There's just something SO Lisa Frank insane and Jem and the Holograms maniacal and trulytrulytruly outrageous about these lip tattoos. As you can see from the aforementioned cultural references, I am 1 million years old, and while I can certainly appreciate the appeal of Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos, I'm not sure that I would be equipped with the chutzpah to make it twerk. My friend Kerin does this thing where she applies (and this is genius) lipstick, a thin coat of very, very fine glitter, and a top coat of, get this, LASH GLUE to achieve to the glitter iterations of VIOLENT lips but this? The animal print?

IDK. Only because here's the thing. I can't mess with any of this because I lack fine motor skills from sitting hunched at a desk typing for hours while the sun rises and sets behind me not that I notice at all because I can't even see natural light anymore so I can't DO things like fake lashes, intricate nail designs or mess around with sticky things that need an instructional video and a "wet sponge" and the repeated utterance of "aaaaaah" while you apply and peel wee bits of plastic-backed paper. I am one of those people who, if I didn't have WAY BETTER than 20/20 vision (mwahahaha), I would have to wear glasses because contacts would be a mess and the sink under my medicine cabinet would pool with eyeblood and many, many tears. Tears that would sting.

In short (hahhahha, yeah right) I SUPPORT that there's something vaguely predatory and menacing about calling attention to the GIANTNESS of one's mouth and it looking sort of man-repellantish with how NEON and obtrusive it all is (ask ANY dude, if they're not total hipsters they prefer pale/glossy/nude/pinkblablablablbala for lips). But for me personally? Way too fussy. Now you. Y or N? Bet Ke$ha would LUR this.


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