'Dancing With The Stars': Nicki Minaj Wears The Blonds

Nicki Minaj performing 'Moment 4 Life' at 'Dancing With the Stars' on May 3, and a look from The Blonds' Fall 2011 show.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC's Dancing with the Stars/The Blonds

Alright, we get that Nicki Minaj is no stranger to sartorial theatrics. She's a card-carrying, full-on adopter of all things glittery, neon, bedazzled, and generally LOUDMAZING. And I'm pretty sure she's worn a wig in every Crayola color in existence (even the deluxe set) PLUS metallics PLUS stripes PLUS animal print PLUS whoknowswhatelse. The point is that Barbie knows how to put on a show (if the word "show" can even fully capture what Nicki is accomplishing with her OMG-my-eyes-and-my-brain-cannot-operate-simultaneously-to-make-out-what-is-in-front-of-me style), and her appearance on last night's episode of "Dancing With the Stars" was no exception. Nicki performed "Moment 4 Life" in a green-blonde bobbed wig (gotta turn down the chlorine in your pool, girl. Sike... ahem) that matched her minty lids, a glossy bright magenta pout, and pretty pink nails. Don't worry, she was wearing clothes, too, (though, would you really be surprised if she wasn't?) and ohhhh what an outfit it was! Babs rocked plain, black skinny jeans (that are not pictured), a set of spiked bangles (GIMME), and we cropped out the pants to show you a close-up of one seriously mesmerizing angular/gold/bejeweled/fringed corset by The Blonds. Sublime.

As you know, the designers are something of a go-to name for Nicki (she wore a gem-encrusted blue gown by the duo in her "Moment 4 Life" video, as well as the designers' sheer-backed bodysuit at the most recent Hot 97 Thanksgiving Concert), and why wouldn't they be? The creations of Philippe and David Blond are a performers' dream: high-octane-mega-dramatic-yet-flattering structures. Every piece's embellishments have the power to render its onlookers speechless save drone-like repetition of the phrase, "oooooooooh shiny." Seriously, you should see the shots from their fall 2011 show this February — OUT OF CONTROL! Anyhow, this corset = death from shutting it down, and Nicki absolutely continues to slay us with her outlandish wonts. God bless us everyone.