Shine On: Kristin Cavallari's Monster Engagement Ring Up Close

Kristin Cavallari at the 'Something Borrowed' premiere in Hollywood on May 3.
Photo: Getty Images

Kristen Cavallari was seen last night at the premiere for Something Borrowed starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield. It's a lovely little flick about pre-wedding dramz, but it's not likely that K. Cav's even a bit distracted by such poppycock as "jitters" given her impending nuptials to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is still providing her with a despicable amount of profound joy. I mean, look at her. When's the last time you saw her look this insanely GLOWING and euphoric? She appears to be emitting light from every pore on her person, every strand of glistening hair, and the white, strapless, embroidered sundress just evokes flashes of the morning-after-celebratory-friends-and-family-brunch after the Big Day. Even her tidily short and pristine manicure looks positively matrimonial. She's also wearing her sandal wedges she designed for charity, sold at ShoeDazzle which complement the summery aesthetic gloriously. In short, she looks great, and every aspect of her outfit works splendidly.

Aaaaaaaaaand, well, of course it does, given that she is also wearing a DELICIOUSLY MASSIVE, four-prong, FLAWLESS ASSCHER-CUT, hella faceted, three-or-so carat *brings out her jeweler's loupe* engagement ring replete with about 1.5-and-change carat accent diamonds on the band (what? I know my rocks. It's totally acceptable to be an unmarried woman of a certain age who is well-versed in precious jewels). Basically, she could be wearing a puce-colored, XXXXL zip-up fleece hoodie with a 3-foot-tall Insane Clown Posse face drawn in puffy paint on it with 12-year-old Wellington boots made expressly for longshoremen and look dazzling. Provided we could see her shine. Congrats, girl. Blind your enemies by harnessing the sun's rays, your own happy-girl phosphorescence and that rock. Make yourself a laser and vanquish your foes. GET IT.