Let's Discuss: André Leon Talley Putting Self On Met Gala Best-Dressed List

André Leon Talley at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 2.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh honey. So... I'm sure we all stalked the #MetGala red carpet like the diligent style hawks we are, and while we all had divergent opinions on the assorted sculptural frocks and occasionally overshot silhouettes, we all seemed to agree that we did not understand André Leon Talley's decision-making that night. After all, most of the photographs of him revealing his sous-vêtements (in this case a gorgeous dark blue, shawl-collar Ralph Lauren suit) to the hordes of paps made it look like he was an enormous loin-flashing fowl. The sort that reveals itself before taking flight. It was all, dare we say, very "last shadow" (that wicked scary alien dino-bird) from James Cameron's Avatar.

And while I love Vogue Daily legitimately (and not just to be political and to "soften" the "blow" of any fork-tongued acid words I may have on the topic [because, let's face it, they're Vogue and hardly losing sleep on anything I vomit and smear around in circles here]) I think it's weird that of the throngs of feathers, paillets, impossibly minuscule stitches, hunger pangs, man-hours, and naked BRILLIANCE on display, ALT chose to put a number of eyebrow-altitude-increasing selections on his "Ten Best Dressed (Plus Two)"—namely himself. Granted, at 12th place:

"12. ALT in Balenciaga: Nicolas Ghesquière designed my 80-meter-long French silk faille manteau de cour in LeCorbusier blue, which I wore over my favorite midnight-blue Ralph Lauren dinner suit with shawl collar, Charvet shirt, and bowtie, and Roger Vivier court shoes in framboise. Yours truly decided I was a top note—and why not?!"

OK, I'm definitely going to start referring to anything in the bruised-red-fruit color family as "framboise" 'cause that's awesome, but there just seem to be too many "artfully-canny-'crony'-ish" selections (a suspicious ratio of designers in their own designs) on this list already without the inclusion of himself. And excuse us, lest we seem pedantic but I'm fairly certain a "manteau de cour" (or a court train) shouldn't be cut in too voluminous a silhouette especially in a closely woven faille with silk threads twisted to this sheen because the drape will be compromised and reflect camera flash like so much gym bag nylon.

Giselle was a vision, granted, but no mention of Christina Ricci? Or Rihanna? Stella McCartney I will definitely grant you (because she is and looks amazing in a complicated and clever dress that, really does feature so much deeply pleasing architectural elements in the bustline that's flipped-yet-mirrored in the color and "lip" of the train), I'm struck... "curious" overall by this list. What do y'all think? And, yes, "I don't give a flying turd nugget" is a credible answer, too. FREE SPEECH, PEOPLE. That's all we live for here at MTV Style. Don't "end" us Vogue kthxbai.