Hot Dudes Of The Day: Thor's Chris Hemsworth And His Equally Hot Younger Brother Liam

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth at the 'Thor' premiere in L.A. on May 2.
Photo: Getty Images

Most older brothers are already intimidating with their married lives and successful startup companies and fixed rate mortgages, and, like, by the time you're JUST graduating college, they're already making triple-figure salaries and you just feel kind lame and sad. But then there's Liam Hemsworth. He's the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor. Like THE Thor. You know, that gigantic blockbuster movie also starring Natalie Portman that's coming out this weekend. Yeah, well, he's the ENTIRE MOVIE. That's a doozy. Suddenly, our family strife doesn't seem soooo bad, considering Liam has to follow in Chris's gigantic, viking-hammer-swinging footsteps.

But you know what? Even though Liam is six years younger than his older bro (he's only 21!), he's putting up some serious style competition. While his brother Chris dressed up in black suit, crisp white shirt, and a royal blue tie, Liam opted for something a little more West Coast cool. He wore a black tuxedo jacket, black V-neck tee, dark wash skinny jeans, brown lace-up boots, and aviator sunglasses. Both Hemsworth bros have some serious facial scruff, and we're into that, but Chris gets bonus points for the perfectly molded side swoop hair. I mean, we do appreesh Liam's wash-and-go hair, but Chris' 'do takes straight-up talent. It's super duper hard to pick a favorite because Chris is all hot and manly and appropriately overconfident in his suit, while Liam is approachable and cute and just READY TO HANG, y'know? Ughhh, this is so hard. We KNOW who Miley Cyrus would pick if she were here right now, but we can't be biased. So, we're torn. Or should we say, we're THOORRRN. Maahhahahahaha. Too much? Yes? OK, we'll stop. (Ed note: Look! We stopped. It's a Mjöllnirical! GAHAHAHAhahahhaha. Get it? Mjöllnir x miracle as a portmanteau? What?! NO, YOU'RE THE NERD.)