Kate Bosworth New Face Of Cotton 'Fabric Of My Life' Campaign, Daphne Guinness Gets Ready For Met Gala In Barneys' Windows, And More Fashion News

Kate Bosworth in the Cotton ad campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Cotton Inc.

• If those Cotton "Fabric Of My Life" commercials often get stuck in your head, be prepared for the latest version of the cutesy sing-along featuring Kate Bosworth! Not only will she be donning adorable hats and frocks, but it'll also be her singing debut. Look out for it starting this Friday. {Just Jared}

• Fashion icon Daphne Guinness got ready for the Met Gala a little differently from her counterparts. She slipped into her feathered Alexander McQueen gown in a Barneys storefront window. In front of everyone. While they creepily watched. {The Cut}

Katy Perry WERKS her charm for the new Thomas Sabo Charm Club jewelry ad. The bright charms feature strawberries, Converse high-tops, and (our favorite) heart sunglasses!! {Coco Perez}

Lady Gaga released the full track listings for both her regular and special edition Born This Way album, but more important, LOOK AT WHAT SHE'S WEARING! Thigh-high boots sans heels and a pointy (metal?) bustier. Yes, please! {Lady Gaga's Twitter}

• Model/actress Brooklyn Decker and singer Jennifer Hudson both KILLED IT in skintight Victoria Beckham Collection dresses. If you can get past their amazing bods, try and pick your favorite ensemble. {Coco Perez}

• An Austrian man found $150,000 worth of jewelry while digging in his backyard! The medieval trove included 200 brooches, rings, and belt buckles. Note to self: Pick up gardening as a hobby. {NY Post}

Uma Thurman stars in a new Schweppes commercial wearing a GIANT flower on her head, two-tone sparkly purple and gold eye shadow, and (literally) a bajillion bracelets. We're not sure if we're more confused by her outfit or the commercial. {Official Hype}